Algorithms and Explanations

NYU Law, Videos and slides here

The End of Advertising, The Beginning of Relationships

Forrester, here.

Your Movements Shall Be Traced: The New EU Regulation on Cross-Border Portability

M. Trimble, here

Instagram made a Snapchat knockoff. Can they even do that?

Marketplace, here

FTC’s Qualcomm Suit Could Disrupt Innovation Balance

Bloomberg, here

Competition is not for losers — even in the digital era

Financial Times, here

How Uber’s Vestager play fell flat, here

Leitfaden Zusagen in der Fusionskontrolle

Bundeskartellamt, hier and here

Contracts For The Supply Of Digital Content And Personal Data Protection

EPRS, here

Fair use copyright reforms essential in a world of technological change

R. Sims, here

Results of the Fitness Check of consumer and marketing law and of the evaluation of the Consumer Rights Directive

EC, here

Comment enquêter sur les algorithmes ?

INA Global, ici.

The Digital Clearinghouse gets to work

G. Buttarelli, here

Künstliche Intelligenz richtig erforschen

BMBF, hier

Slave to the Algorithm? Why a ‘Right to Explanation’ is Probably Not the Remedy You are Looking for

L. Edwards, M. Veale, here

Appeals Court Orders Expedited Hearing in ReDigi Case

PublishersWeekly, here

La CNMC recurre el Decreto de la Generalitat de Catalunya sobre las aplicaciones para reservar taxis a través del móvil u otros dispositivos

CNMC, aquì.

L'avis de la CNIL sur le décret Algorithme de la loi Lemaire

NextImpact, ici. Avis ici.
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Statement on Algorithmic Transparency and Accountability

ACM, here

The emerging legal battle over video game streaming rights

VentureBeat, here

Google Assistant will make money from e-commerce

Recode, here

Locally noisy autonomous agents improve global human coordination in network experiments

H. Shirado, N. Christakis, here.

Uber’s Future May Rely on Predicting How Much You’re Willing to Pay

Bloomberg Tech, here.

Public consultation on Building the European Data Economy

MPI, Position Statement, here.

Data protection impact assessments in the European Union: complementing the new legal framework towards a more robust protection of individuals

d.pia.lab, here.

Just Eat and Hungryhouse merger faces competition probe

BBC News, here

The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms

D. Autor, D. Dorn,  L. Katz, C. Patterson, MIT J. Van Reenen, here

This is the age of the Microsoft and Amazon economy

FT, here

Bundestag beschließt halbgares Open-Data-Gesetz, hier

Traité de Marrakech : l'injuste compensation financière pour les oeuvres adaptées

ActuaLitté, ici

Hayek Meets Information Theory. And Fails.

Evonomics, here.

Google says it is ‘rethinking all our products’ for the AI age

FT, here and here

Facebook/WhatsApp merger: BEUC welcomes fine but regrets failure to tackle consumer data concerns

BEUC, here

Merger enforcement: getting the priorities right

C. Esteva Mosso. here

The Belgian Privacy Commission publishes new recommendation relating to the processing of personal data by Facebook through cookies, social plug-ins and pixels, here

The Path To Weakening Antitrust Policy

A. Gavil, here

New EU Regulations Could Limit Apple's Control Of The App Store

IBTimes, here

Sanction pécuniaire (franchement ridicule) à l'encontre de Facebook

CNIL, Délibération, ici.
A lire aussi ici.

DeepMind's Access to U.K. Health Data Deemed `Inappropriate'

Bloomberg Technology, here

The volatility of tech stocks has fallen below the volatility of utility stocks

ATimes, here

Dieser Plan soll die Macht der Superkonzerne zügeln

SZ, hier.
Vorschlag hier

Dutch data protection authority: Facebook violates privacy law, here

Consumers Are Losing Confidence In Data Privacy, Healthcare, Car Safety

NationalMemo, here


Provvedimento qui

BEUC applies to join Google Android and Facebook/WhatsApp competition investigations

Press Release, here

EC opens formal investigation into Aspen Pharma's pricing practices for cancer medicines

Press Release, here

Google makes changes to AdSense in a bid to increase transparency for website publishers

TechCrunch, here


T. Schrepel, here

Why Amazon is eating the world

TechCrunch, here

There is a conversation in the US about whether antitrust law should be rethought

FT, here

Sorry, Dave, I can't code that: AI's prejudice problem

TheRegister, here

Designer l'absence

V. Duchatelle, ici

Big Data and Competition Law, here

Privacy in Automation: An Appraisal of the Emerging Australian Approach

A. Daly, here

“Be Careful; Things Can Be Worse Than They Appear” — Understanding Biased Algorithms and Users’ Behavior Around Them in Rating Platforms

M. Eslami, K. Vaccaro, K. Karahalios, K. Hamilton, here

E-commerce Sector Inquiry Final Report Heralds Renewed Enforcement by the Commission

Cooley, here


AEPD y ISMS Forum Spain, here

Automated Machine Learning — A Paradigm Shift That Accelerates Data Scientist Productivity @ Airbnb

Airbnb, here

The Uber electronic platform, whilst innovative, falls within the field of transport

AG, Case C-434/15, here

The data economy demands a new approach to antitrust rules

TheEconomist, here.

Algorithms and Markets: Virtual or Virtuous Competition?"

90th GCLC Lunch Talk, Slides here

Price-bots can collude against consumers

TheEconomist, here.

Data is giving rise to a new economy

TheEconomist, here.

The state of privacy 2017: mid-mandate report

G. Buttarelli, here.

New Seattle cable rule to protect internet data privacy

SeattleTimes, here.

EDPS Annual Report 2016


The many dividends of keeping markets open, fair and contestable

J. Laitenberger, here.

Sektoruntersuchung Submetering

Bundeskartellamt, hier.

EC accepts commitments from Amazon on e-books

Press Release, here.

L’Antitrust si schiera con Uber Taxi in rivolta: «Vergognoso», qui.

Someone scraped 40,000 Tinder selfies to make a facial dataset for AI experiments

TechCrunch, here.

Amid Brick-and-Mortar Travails, a Tipping Point for Amazon in Apparel

NYTimes, here.

Un logiciel pour aider les juges à décider

LeParisien, ici.

Social and Ethical Behavior in the Internet of Things

F. Berman, V. Cerf, here.

Facebook helped advertisers target teens who feel “worthless”

ArsTechnica, here.

Uber, les gouvernances fantômes, ici

The mind in the machine: Demis Hassabis on artificial intelligence

FT, here

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Platform Business

Interview with R. Schmalensee and D. Evans, here and here.

Artificial Intelligence Pushes the Antitrust Envelope

BNA, here

The Risks of Businesses Learning How Consumers Think

C. Sunstein, here

Algorithmic accountability

TechCrunch, here

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...