European Blind Union: No Christmas presents from the EU on the WIPO negotiations


Irish Data Protection Commissioner on Facebook: Report of Audit published


Orphan Works: Definitional Issues

D. Hansen, here

Comparative international data on the communications sector

International Communications Market Report 2011, UK Ofcom, here.

Enjeux autour de la gestion et de la gouvernance de l’information dans le secteur public

Markess Int., ici.

Universal Music Group räumt umstrittene Copyright-Filter bei YouTube ein, hier.

Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth

UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, here (s. Expanded Access to Research Publications and Data, p. 76 ff.). 

Article 29 Working Party on personal data processing at airports

Letter to IATA, here

32 millions d'euros alloués aux contenus culturels numériques, ici

Microsoft wins key patent decision against Motorola Android in US, here

Consultation on proposals to change the UK's copyright system


20 years of the Czech competition law

UOHS, here

Legge sugli "Open Data"

Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte, qui

National open access and preservation policies in Europe

EU Commission, here

Akten in Kartellverfahren bleiben geschlossen, hier

Publishing Insider Tipped Law Firms About E-Book Price Fixing Conspiracy, here

Convergence Review

AU Convergence Review Committee, Interim Report, here

EU patent gets Legal Affairs Committee green light

Les ayants droit satisfaits de l'adoption du projet de loi sur la copie privée, ici

Resolución de la CNC sobre Apple (diseños comunitarios y procedimiento penal)

U.S. Trade Body Grants Apple Partial Ban For HTC Phones, here

US Senators asking the FTC to investigate Google

Letter here

Local bus services market investigation

UK Competition Commission, Final Report here

The Economics of Privacy

University of Colorado Law School, summary and video of the conference.

The Handbook of Competition Economics 2012: Germany


Open Data Strategy for Europe and Ireland, here

Better Data for a Better Internet

J. Palfrey, J. Zittrain, here

Don't Break the Internet

M. Lemley, D. Levine, & D. Post, here

Avis du Comité d’éthique du CNRS sur « les relations entre chercheurs et maisons d’édition scientifique »


Innovation’s Cold War

D. Balto, here

Cloud Computing: Public Consultation Report

EU Commission, here. Some responses:

Institutional Coherence and Effectivity of a Regional Competition Policy: The Case of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)

M. Bakhoum, J. Molestina, here

The (Non) Use of Treaty Object and Purpose in Intellectual Property Disputes in the WTO

H. Grosse Ruse-Khan, here

Platform Economics: Essays on Multi-Sided Businesses

D. Evans, R. Schmalensee, M. Noel. H. Chang, D. Swartz, here (collection of previously published essays). 

OECD Council Recommendation on Principles for Internet Policy Making


La CNIL et les réseaux sociaux

G. Le Grand, ici

Antitrust standing and the new economy, here

EU Council conclusions on the open internet and net neutrality in Europe


Defying Conventional Wisdom: The Case for Private Antitrust Enforcement

J. Davis and R. Lande, presentation here , audio here and accompanying material here (AAI Conference, Panel on "Private Enforcement: What We Know and Do Not Know").

Réseaux sociaux et Commission Européenne

V. Reding, ici

EU Commission takes first steps towards a free market in airport slots, here

Stellungnahmen bzgl.Konsultation zum Entwurf des Leitfadens zur Marktbeherrschung in der Fusionskontrolle


SOPA In Infographic Format

Techdirt, here

NDRC Fined Two Pharmaceutical Companies for Abusive Conducts, here

Brazil’s Leaked Copyright Reform Draft Bill Shows Latest Thinking

P. Paranaguà, here

Paying authors more might be the best economics for publishers in the long run

M. Shatzkin, here

Open Data – Freigabe von Daten aus Bibliothekskatalogen

T. Kreutzer, hier

Imperial Tobacco Group plc and Imperial Tobacco Limited v Office of Fair Trading

UK Competition Appeal Tribunal, Cases No: 1160-5/1/1/10, 12 December 2011, here. Read also OFT's Statement

EU Communication on Open Data

Provisional version, here

Data is the new gold

N.Kroes, here

Snapshot of the "Apps" market in relation with public sector information



Digital Content Services for Consumers: Assessment of Problems Experienced by Consumers

Report 4, Europe Economics, here.

Seeds protection: when Monsanto tests the limits of patent in the EU and the U.S.

A.Strowel, here

"Self"-regulation: Should online companies police the internet?

Seminar, List of speakers and Video (from 28:50). 

New AGCM President: Competition as Growth Lever and More Europe to Overcome the Crisis

Here (Press Release in Italian). 

Study on the Interplay between Standards and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

Fraunhofer Institute for Communication System and Dialogic, School of Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology, here.


UK Competition Commission, here

100 years of Copyright and Disruptive Technology

Part 1, Copyhype, here

Stellungnahme des Bundeskartellamts zum Referentenentwurf zur 8. GWB-Novelle


TGI Paris: Samsung v. Apple

N. RG 11/58301, ici

The newsonomics of Google’s retail push

NiemanLab, here

"METRO Cash & Carry” created discriminatory conditions for suppliers of meat and fish products in Russia

FAS, here, and here for some general background on the issue of discrimination in food retail chain in Russia.


Enforcement Cooperation in International Competition Policy

Alessandra Tonazzi (Italian Competition Authority) speaking  at Trento University
December 7, 2011
4 pm, Room 3C.
Presentation here

Will out-of-commerce books soon be managed by a collective management society in France?

C. Jasserand, here

How Crocs Are Helping Apple Stomp On Samsung, here

Use It, or Lose It: In defence of the critical role of “fair use”, here

Public bodies and competition law

OFT, here

Privacy: A Lesson from the Playroom

J. Brill, here

EU Commission consults on review of current regime for technology transfer agreements


Assessment of potential anticompetitive conduct in the field of intellectual property rights and assessment of the interplay between competition policy and IPR protection

P. Regibeau, K. Rocket, here

HathiTrust's filed response to the lawsuit

The Authors Guild, Inc. et al v. Hathitrust et al., here.

Der Referentenentwurf (RefE) zur 8. GWB-Novelle

C. Dobler, hier (Danke an @JohannesZoettl). 

EU Commission opens formal proceedings to investigate sales of e-books

Press Release, here

SOPA and people with print disabilities, here

Public Access to Historical Records

M. Pallante, here

The Personal Computer Is Dead

J. Zittrain, here

Unleashing Europe’s potential for growth: The role of competition policy

J. Almunia, here.
From the speech: " Fair and robust competition rules mean – among other things – integrating those markets which, in practice, continue to operate at national level; promoting innovation; encouraging the restructuring of mature European industries; and fighting against protectionism" and  "(R)ecently we have seen a rise in the strategic use of IPR. Take for example the mobile communications industry, where it seems that everybody is suing everybody else for patent infringements, often to block certain products from entering the market.
I have instructed my services to look closely into how intellectual property rights are used; for instance, we have recently asked Apple and Samsung to send us information on their patents for smartphones.
Our enforcement practice has also taught us that IPR strategies may be a concern also in the pharmaceutical industry.
In addition, we will soon be launching a stakeholder survey on the operation of the current antitrust regime of technology transfer agreements, which will expire in 2014.
An important issue will be to assess whether innovation is being properly disseminated to industries and consumers under the current regime."

Rémunération pour la copie privée

Assemblée Nationale (F), Discussion du projet de loi, ici

La Sacem s'oriente vers la taxation du cloud computing, ici

EU-US data privacy storm blows cloud off course, here.

Public Domain Calculation

EuropeanaConnect, here

Copyright Policy and Practice in Electronic Reserves among ARL Libraries

D.Hansen, W. Cross, P.  Edwards, here.

Rapport du Conseil fédéral suisse sur les utilisations illicites d'œuvres sur Internet


Educators Worried About SOPA/PIPA's Impact On Education, here

EU-Kommission legt sich mit Facebook an, hier.

Interview with Teresa Hackett: Positive and thoughtful engagement of Member States at WIPO, here.

Improving traffic management transparency

Ofcom, here

Digitaal gebonden - Onderzoek naar de functionaliteit van een vaste prijs voor het e-boek

J. Poort, I. Akker, N. van Eijk, B. van der Sloot, P. Rutten, hier.

Comparative analysis, Law & Economics analysis, assessment and development of recommendations for possible future rules on digital content contracts

M. Loos, N. Helberger, L. Guibault, C. Mak, L. Pessers, K. Cseres, B. van der Sloot, R. Tigner, here

No fixed price for e-books in The Netherlands, here

The Case of Margin Squeeze as a Blueprint for the Transition from Regulation to Competition?

H. Auf‘mkolk, here

Was zu tun wäre: Ein Urheberrecht für das 21. Jahrhundert

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., Digitale Gesellschaft e.V., Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V., here.

Neutral on Internet Neutrality: Should There Be a Role for the Federal Trade Commission?

T. Rosch, here

iCloud: The Impact on Enterprise Information Management & E-Discovery, here

UK statement at SCCR 23 on preservation for libraries and archives

Here (from 

US Submission to SCCR 23 on Objectives and Principles for Exceptions and Limitations For Libraries and Archives


EU Competition Policy: Work Programme for 2012

J. Almunia, here

Content Mining Free For All Would Be Bad For All, here

The Creation of the WTO

WTO Creation Documentary Project, YouTube, here

Olivier Martinez/AdWords après l’arrêt par la CJUE

Tribunal de grande instance de Paris 17ème chambre, Jugement du 14 novembre 2011, ici

Penguin Group USA to No Longer Allow Library Lending of New Ebook Titles, here

Hartford Courant Settles Copyright And Hot News Claims, here.

Site to Resell Music Files Has Critics, here.

EU Commission makes Standard & Poor's commitments to abolish fees for use of US International Securities Identification Numbers binding

Press Release, here

Copyright Infringement and Enforcement in the US - A Research Note

The American Assembly, here

Contracts on Fire: Amazon's Lending Library Mess

The Authors Guild, here

HathiTrust: Overview of Orphan Works Investigation for One Volume


IP and Competition Policy - An International Perspective

Giovanni Napolitano, WIPO
Trento Economics Faculty
November 17, 2011
Room 3 C, 9 am.
Presentation here

Keynote: The Landscape of Collective Management Schemes

D. Gervais, here

Does Merger Control Work? A Retrospective on U.S. Enforcement Actions and Merger Outcomes

J. Kwoka, Jr., D. Greenfield, here


B. Hugenholtz, M. Senftleben, here.

Positionspapier: Kulturelles Erbe im Internet sichtbar machen - Museumsobjekte und Urheberrecht -

D. Preißler, hier


G. Jiang, here.

Décret relatif au prix du livre numérique

N° 2011-1499 du 10 novembre 2011 pris en application de la loi n° 2011-590 du 26 mai 2011, ici. 

Whither WIPO: Will WIPO Wither?

M. Geist, audio, here

SCCR/22/16 - Proposal on an international instrument on limitations and exceptions for persons with print disabilities




Achtes Gesetz zur Änderung des Gesetzes gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen

Referentenentwurf, BMWi, hier

Bionic Revisited: What the Summary Judgment Ruling in Oracle v. Google Means for Android and the GPL

E. Naughton, here

Library Copyright Alliance on Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

The Net Neutrality Debate: Are All End-Users and Websites Created Equal?

C. Cohn, A. Mossoff , M. Lemley, video here

The impacts of supermarket price decisions on the dairy industry

Australian Senate, Economics References Committee, here

Livres indisponibles et orphelins : quel enjeu pour les bibliothèques ?

Interassociation Archives Bibliothèques Documentation, ici

The Impact of Copyright Policy Changes on Venture Capital Investment in Cloud Computing Companies

J. Lerner, here

WTO TRIPS Council: Ecuador questions the European Union on Italian compulsory licenses

KEI, here.

Google exerts influence through others

Bloomberg Businessweek, here

Rules for Growth: Promoting Innovation and Growth Through Legal Reform

R. Litan , Y. Benkler , H. Butler , J. Clippinger , R. Cook-Deegan , R. Cooter , A. Edlin , N. Garnett , R. Gilson , O. Goodenough , G. Hadfield , M. Lemley , F. Partnoy , G. Priest , L. Ribstein , C. Sabel , P. Schuck , H. Scott, R. Scott , A. Stein , V. Stodden , J. Tyler III , A. Viard and B. Wittes, here

Aktuelle Auseinandersetzung zwischen Apple, Samsung und anderen IT-Anbietern., hier

Emerging Theories of Competitive Harm in Merger Enforcement

T. Rosch, D. Tucker, here

Governing Bad Behavior by Users of Multi-Sided Platforms

D. Evans, here

MPAA Lists “Notorious” Pirate Sites To U.S. Government, here

Bank Competition in the EU: How Has It Evolved?

L. Weill, here

A United States Perspective on Cartel Enforcement

S. Hammond, here (thanks to Kartellblog). 


L.Aguzzoni, E. Argentesi, P. Buccirossi, L. Ciari, T. Duso, M. Tognoni, C. Vitale, here.

Finland: Copyright Management Organization abused its Dominant Position

ECN Brief 04/2011, here

EU addresses orphan works and 'out-of-commerce' books and journals

C. Scollo Lavizzari, A. Myburgh, here

On the interpretation of ‘human embryo’ as of Directive 98/44/EC on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions

Court of Justice of the European Union, Judgment in Case C-34/10
Oliver Brüstle v Greenpeace e.V., Press Release and Judgment

Report on online gambling in the Internal Market

European Parliament, Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
Rapporteur: Jürgen Creutzmann, here

Bundeskartellamt verhängt Millionengeldbußen gegen Hersteller von Instant-Cappuccino

Pressemeldung, hier

On the resale of MP3s and other digital download music and video files: ReDigi, here

Liberalizar los colegios profesionales para crear más competencia en la economía, aquì.

An Antitrust Framework for Climate Change

M. Carrier, here.

Regional Agreements of Developing Jurisdictions: Unleashing the Potential

M. Gal, I. Faibish, here