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Artificial Intelligence at WEF17

Video here.

"the market is not the right way to make certain decisions"
"most engineers don't even know why governments exist"
"a corporation is a kind of AI, already "

Devices sprout ears

The Christian Science Monitor, here.

Trump’s vision for behavioral science in the White House is anyone’s guess

NewYorker, here.

"The President-elect, it turned out, had a gift for the behavioral arts. He intuitively grasped “loss aversion” (our tendency to give more weight to the threat of losses than to potential gains), and perpetually maximized “nostalgia bias” (our tendency to remember the past as being better than it was). He made frequent subconscious appeals to “cultural tightness” (whereby groups that have experienced threats to their safety tend to desire strong rules and the punishment of deviance), and, perhaps most striking, his approach tapped into what psychologists call “cognitive fluency” (the more easily we can mentally process an idea, such as “Make America great again” or “Lock her up!,” the more we’re prone to retain it). Even his Twitter game was sticky: “Crooked Hillary!” “build the wall.”

La politique du faux et de la laideur: le triste laboratoire italien, du Trecento à Berlusconi

P. Boucheron, Vidéo ici.


"So to you, our dear readers who took the time to join this endeavor, we thank you. Few get excited about antitrust anymore. But apathy has a price. We cannot assume that the digitized hand will always protect our welfare. It is ultimately up to us to start asking our elected officials and agencies what they are doing to prevent these scenarios from happening."

A course for these troubled times: Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data

C. Bergstrom and J. West, here.

Bayer says had productive meeting with Trump over Monsanto deal

Reuters, here.

Bundeskartellamt verhängt Bußgelder wegen vertikaler Preisbindung bei Möbeln

Bundeskartellamt, hier. Fallbericht hier.

"Teilweise ergänzt wurde die Praxis um spezielle „Spielregeln“ für den OnlineHandel, deren formuliertes Ziel es war, ein festes und stabiles Preisgefüge am Markt durchzusetzen und deren Einhaltung überwacht und mit dem Mittel der Androhung und Umsetzung von Liefersperren bzw. der Kündigung der Liefervereinbarung durchgesetzt wurde."

Flying cars: transforming a dream into reality

WIPO Magazine, here.