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Data is giving rise to a new economy

TheEconomist, here.

EC accepts commitments from Amazon on e-books

Press Release, here.

Someone scraped 40,000 Tinder selfies to make a facial dataset for AI experiments

TechCrunch, here.

EC welcomes Court of Justice ruling on South European bananas cartel appeal

Press Release, here.

Pour la CNIL, "la France doit garder la souveraineté de ses données scolaires", ici.

Competition at the digital frontier

J. Laitenberger, here.

For World 'Intellectual Property' Day, A Reading From Thomas Macaulay (1841)

TechDirt, here.

Amazon Wants to Put a Camera and Microphone in Your Bedroom

Motherboard, here.

Can Amazon's AI Fashionista beat the best HI Fashionista (here)?

European Commission, experts uneasy over WP29 data portability interpretation

IAPP, here.

Who Wouldn’t Want a Digital Butler?

A.Ezrachi, M. Stucke, here.

The Sharing Economy Meets the Sherman Act: Is Uber a Firm, a Cartel, or Something in Between?

M. Anderson, M. Huffman, here.

Mylan Tried to ‘Squelch’ EpiPen Rival, Sanofi Says in Lawsuit

Bloomberg, here.

Hell: Gonzales v. Uber

Gonzales v. Uber Technologies Inc., 17-cv-02264, here.

Swedish Carriers Raided by EU Over Anti-Competition Concerns

Bloomberg, here.

Microsoft's Nadella banks on LinkedIn data to challenge Salesforce

Reuters, here.

Machine learning: the power and promise of computers that learn by example

The Royal Society, here.

Facebook kommt vorerst nicht an Whatsapp-Daten

FAZ, hier.

Can Facebook Fix Its Own Worst Bug?

NYTimes, here.

EDPS Opinion on the Proposal for a Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications (ePrivacy Regulation)

EDPS, here.

Tech companies need to move less fast and break fewer things

Wired, here.

Interview with Professors Eleanor Fox and William Kovacic

Antitrust, here.

The evidence is piling up — Silicon Valley is being destroyed

BusinessInsider, here.

It’s This Easy To Look Inside An Algorithm

Fastcodesign, here.

Truyes (Indre-et-Loire), 1433 électeurs: 0% d'abstention

How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All

The Atlantic, here.

Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria

TheAtlantic, here.

Stellungnahmen zu dem Entwurf des Hinweispapiers zu Fragen des Preisbindungsverbots im Bereich des stationären Lebensmitteleinzelhandels

Bundeskartellamt, hier.

EU Hearing: Building a European Data Economy

Transcript here.

Google faces competition scrutiny over plans to build ad blocker into Chrome

The Telegraph, here.

China Publishes the 2nd Version of the Anti-Monopoly Guidelines on the Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights

S. Wu, here.

Google to open up Android to rivals in out-of-court deal with Russia

Reuters, here.

AI & Society

J. Ito and I. Rahwan, Video here.

The University of Chicago worries about a lack of competition

TheEconomist, here.

FinTech workshop slides

Competition Bureau, here.

Deutschland gegen die Monopolisten der Zukunft

SZ, hier.

Provisional conclusions and recommendations on the implications of Brexit for UK competition law and policy

The Brexit Competition Law Working Group (BCLWG), here.

Uber reportedly tracked Lyft drivers using a secret software program named ‘Hell’

TechCrunch, here.

How Technology Has Failed to Improve Your Airline Experience

NYTimes, here.

Siae, aperta istruttoria per presunte condotte escludenti nella gestione e intermediazione dei diritti d’autore

AGCM, qui.

Where does all that data go?

LINC, here.

Europe vs Silicon Valley: behind enemy lines with the woman deciding Google's fate

Wired, here.

The Ostroms and Hayek as Theorists of Complex Adaptive Systems: Commonality and Complementarity

P. Lewis, here.

Strengthening confidence in the digital world

G20 Consumer Summit, here.

New ways of providing consent in data protection - technical, legal and economic challenges

Stiftung Datenschutz, here.

AI Literacy: The basics of machine learning

L. Daly, here.

AG Wahl: agricultural producer organisations and their associations may be held liable under competition law

Case C-671/15, Opinion here.

Customer Sues Charter For Selling Their Data Without Consent

Consumerist, here.

Two Artificial Neural Networks Meet in an Online Hub and Change the Future (of Competition, Market Dynamics and Society)

A. Ezrachi, M. Stucke, here.

A Debate on Fair Use

Charles Clark Memorial Lecture 2017, Transcript here.

How can competition authorities react to the antitrust threats of pricing algorithms?

Kluwer Competition Law Blog, here.