Competition Challenges in the Consumer Internet Industry

CEP, here.

Mitigating the existing imbalance between data-rich and data-poor companies

G. Oettinger,  here.

Google’s AMP Is Speeding Up the Web By Changing How It Works

Wired, here

Bruxelles adresse ses critiques à l’encontre du projet de loi Lemaire

NextImpact, here.

Quick Take on Justice Scalia’s Legacy on Antitrust Law

A. Naik, Here.

Daten­schutz im Check: Viele Hintertüren bei Google, Netflix & Co

Stiftung Warentest, hier

CMA responses to consultations on the Digital Single Market (all in one place)

CMA, here

Landgericht Berlin: Urteil im Kartellrechtsstreit von Presseverlagen gegen Google (PM 14/2016), hier.

Sci-Hub: How Does It Work?

Scholarlykitchen, here.

Making communications work for everyone

Ofcom, here

The new new competition - How digital platforms change competitive strategy

M. Van Alstyne, S. Choudary, G. Parker, Presentation here

The right way—and wrong way—for cities to regulate Uber, here

Google AMP Is Less About Beating Facebook at News, More About Gobbling Up the Mobile Web

Recode, here

Streetmap.EU Limited v Google

J. Morrison, here

Fed Up With Uber And Lyft, Drivers Plan To Launch Competing App

FastCompany, here

Business models in the Peer-to-peer economy

P. Belleflamme, Presentation here

Government must help end 'heartbreaking' Amazon dominance, former Number 10 adviser says

TheTelegraph, here.

Google weiß, wo die Deutschen surfen

FAZ, hier.

Cyanogen’s New MOD Platform Will Allow Developers To Deeply Integrate Their Apps Into Its OS

TechCrunch, here

Why Authors Alliance Supports A Broader View Of Fair Use Than The Authors Guild

P. Samuelson, here

Uber and the economic impact of sharing economy platforms

Bruegel, here

The making available right in the United States

Register of Copyrights, here

PTO Weighs In on Digital First Sale, here.

U.S.-EU Data Privacy: From Safe Harbor to Privacy Shield

US Congressional Research Service, here.

Competition Commission of India suspects Monsanto abused dominant position

Timesofindia, here.

Getting Around Section 230

E. Goldman, audio here; slides here. . 

How will acceding to the Marrakesh Treaty benefit Canadians?

Government of Canada, here

World’s cheapest Android smartphone goes on sale for just $3.67

ArsTechnica, here.

Netflix says going global has improved its personal recommendations

VentureBeat, here

Données personnelles : le virulent réquisitoire de la CNIL contre Facebook

Le Monde, ici.

A message to our customers regarding backdoors

Apple, here.

Linux and White House together to improve open source security, here

Nothing Is Free, Not Even Facebook Free Basics

O. Malik, here

What if we don’t need advertising at all?

D. Searls, here.

AU: Options to strengthen the misuse of market power law

Submissions here.
ACCC here

Platforms, is there a need to regulate?

Digital4EU 2016, Thursday 25 February 2016, 16:15 – 17:25, webstream here..

Juno hasn’t even launched, but it’s already creeping me out with its data collection, here

Stealth Startup Juno Will Take On Uber By Treating Drivers Better

Forbes, here

Why does everybody hate competition so much?

C. Sagers, here

Uber CEO delivers stinging attack to city regulators at TED

Wired, here

It’s time to break the teeth-whitening monopoly

Washington Post, here.

European Union Competition Law in the Digital Era

M. Kadar, here

CCI rejects complaints of unfair practices against Ola, Uber

Moneycontrol, here.
Orders here and here.

So dynamisch sind die Preise im Netz

WISO, hier

FCC chairman talks set-top boxes, consumers' right to choose

Washington Post, Video here.

UK's Streetmap loses 'anticompetitive' search abuse case against Google

The Guardian, here.
Decision here.

Microsoft retreats from EU antitrust fight against Google (?)

ArsTechnica, here

74 OEMs pre-install MS apps and services on Android devices

BusinessInsider, here.

(OEMs/MS agreements anyone?)

Personal data in exchange for free services: an unhappy partnership?

Norwegian Data Protection Authority, here.

The European Collaborative Economy Industry to the Presidency of the EU Council

Letter, here.

(Inspiring list of signatories).

Error 53 lawsuit

'Pay for delay' fined in the UK

CMA, here.

Facebook and the New Colonialism

The Atlantic, here.

Online Platforms and the EU Digital Single Market: Mydex supplementary evidence

Mydex, here

The Big Data Dilemma

UK Parliament, here.

Drive Motors Lets You Actually Buy A Car Online. How Did This Not Exist?

TechCrunch, here.

Digital Platforms: To Regulate or Not To Regulate?

A. Strowel, W. Vergote, here.

Online Platforms and the EU Digital Single Market: Uber supplementary evidence

Uber, here.

Apple in ACCC's sights over bricked iPhones

ITNews, here.

Thinking Inside the Box, here.

Who Will Own The Virtual Reality Interface?

TechCrunch, here

“Happy Birthday” is public domain, former owner Warner/Chapell to pay $14M

ArsTechnica, here.

The Case That Won’t Be Forgotten

J. Powles, here

Optimising romance

TheEconomist, here

Online review sites commit to improve practices

CMA, here.

La impugnación de normas como instrumento para eliminar barreras a la economía colaborativa

CNMC, aquí

The Research Pirates of the Dark Web

The Atlantic, here.

Developments in the Prescription Drug Market: Oversight.

M. Merritt, here

Living fully human lives online is all about taking control, here

AI is Trasforming Google Search, here

Google removes Samsung's first Android ad blocker from the Play Store

TheVerge, here

Using Antitrust Law to Challenge Turing's Daraprim Price Increase

M. Carrier, N. Levidow, A. Kesselheim, here

Drug Firms Expected to Defend Huge Price Increases in House Testimony

NYTimes, here

Cisco To Buy Jasper Technologies For $1.4 Billion

TechCrunch, here

How Age UK pocketed £6m bung from E.ON and pushed expensive power deals to OAPs

TheSun, here

Fertility Industry Group Settles Lawsuit Over Egg Donor Price Caps

Blogs.wsj, here

Privacy in the EU and US: A Debate between Max Schrems and Peter Swire

Audio here

Apple Ordered To Pay $625M To Patent Troll In FaceTime Lawsuit

TechCrunch, here

UK challenger bank Mondo releases API to let customers play with their own data

Finextra, here

Power to the people – is privacy the future of online marketing?

moreaboutadvertising, here.

“EU US Privacy Shield” (Safe Harbor 1.1) “European Commission may be issuing a round-trip to Luxemburg

M. Schrems, here

EU Commission and United States agree on new framework for transatlantic data flows: EU-US Privacy Shield

Press Release, here.

Here It Comes: The Myanmar Competition Act

Allenovery, here

Competition and innovation

A. Crisholm, here

Gorgeous New 4-D Printing Process Makes More Than Just Eye Candy, here

“Of data and men”: fundamental rights and freedoms in a world of big data

A. Rouvroy, here

Investigation into Tesco

Groceries Code Adjudicator, here

Don’t Panic. Making Progress on the “Going Dark” Debate

Berkman Center for Internet & Society, here.
Keys under doormats Report here

People are turning their smartphones into spying devices for just $5/month, here

Winners & Losers in the Global App Economy

Caribou Digital, here

Every Step You Fake: A Comparative Analysis of Fitness Tracker Privacy and Security

Open Effect, here

Monitoring the Digital Economy & Society 2016 - 2020

EC, here

Alphabet: Suchmaschine treibt das Geschäft, hier

Google Search Probe by U.S. Should Get New Look, Utah Says

Bloomberg, here

The Internet of Emotions: Putting the person back into personalization

Mashable, here

Mastering The Fourth Industrial Revolution, here

HRS kritisiert fehlende Gleichberechtigung

Tophotel, hier.

Lists are the new search

B. Evans, here.