EDPS starts work on a New Digital Ethics

EDPS, here.

A Search Engine for Your Personal Memories (and Data)

TheAtlantic, here.

12 Big Industries Where Blockchain Could Be Used

CB Insights, here.

The Promise (and Threat) of Algorithmic Accountability

F. Pasquale, Video here

The Future of Legal Services

The Law Society, here

US health insurer Centene loses 950,000 people's records

BBC.com, here

Movidius chips promise to enable real-time image recognition in Android devices

ComputerWorld, here.

The Internet of Arrogant Things (or My First Month with a Nest)

Nick-taylor.co.uk, here

Behavioral Economics: Past, Present and Future

R. Thaler, Webcast here

Why do technology companies hire economists, and what is their contribution? What kinds of problems do they work on?

S. Athey, here

What will be the impact of machine learning on economics?

S. Athey, here.
NBER session's syllabus here.

The Automation Paradox

J. Bessen, here

Uber condamné à verser 1,2 million d’euros à l’Union nationale des taxis

Lesechos.fr, ici

"Online Platforms" Etc. Public Consultation: First Brief Results

EC, here

« Pretty Easy Privacy », le chiffrement automatique par défaut pour tous

LeMonde, ici

The Privatization of Human Rights: Illusions of Consent, Automation and Neutrality

E. Taylor, here.

EC fines car parts producers € 137 789 000 in cartel settlement

Press Release, here

Apple Can Still See Your iMessages If You Enable iCloud

MotherBoard, here

Facebook looks to its messaging service Whatsapp to gather more personal data

TheDrum, here.

See also Fortune, here

Ad blocking is more about personal data than on-target ads

Inma.org, here

Google y derecho al olvido: bloqueo por dirección IP

ElFuturo, aquì

International Survey on Private Copying

WIPO and Stichting de Thuiskopie, here

Fair Share - Reclaiming power in the sharing economy

The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), here.

La CNMC recurre las Ordenanzas del taxi de las ciudades de Málaga y Córdoba

CNMC, aquì.

Google’s Waze launches API for third-party transportation apps (invite-only, free)

VentureBeat, here

A European survey on the opportunities and risks of data analytics

Vodafone, here.

The Teladoc Case: Antitrust and Telemedicine as "Disruptive Innovation"

Lexology, here.

Le contrôle juridictionnel du Tribunal de l'Union dans le contentieux concurrence,

Concurrences, ici.

End-User Development in Internet of Things: We the People

M. Burnett, T. Kulesza, here.

Datenschutzrechtliche Aspekte bei der Nutzung vernetzter und nicht vernetzter Kraftfahrzeuge

Konferenz der unabhängigen Datenschutzbehörden und Verband der Automobilindustrie, hier.

Two-Way Street: U.S.-EU Parallels Under the General Data Protection Regulation

J. Brill, here.

Nothing for money

Deloitte, here.

The importance of Misbehaving

Deloitte, here.

Big data : l’enjeu est moins la donnée personnelle que la disparition de la personne

LeMonde, ici.

Online Tracking: What's In It For Consumers?

J. Brill, here.

What is the impact of blockchains on privacy?

TheODI.org, here.

European Patent Office revokes Monsanto patent on melons

No-patents-on-seeds.org, here.

The Collaborative Economy

Scientific Foresight Unit (STOA), European Parliamentary Research Services, here and here and short video here.

An Emerging Competition Law for a New Economy?

K. Coates, here.

How blockchain tech could change the way we do business

BBC.com, here.

Android OS has generated revenue of $31 billion and $22 billion in profit, Oracle says

Bloomberg, here.

Economics and Ideology

The Economist, here.
"Meaningless number-crunching to give a veneer of academic credibility to near-useless theories".

One Click Away? Google Paid Apple $1 Billion to Keep Search Bar on IPhone

Bloomberg.com, here.

Digital DNA: The Nagoya Protocol, Intellectual Property Treaties, and Synthetic Biology

M. Bagley, here

Study hints at how e-Privacy Directive might be reformed – major changes on the way

Out-law.com, here.

Study mentioned here.

Sharing Economy, Blockchain Markets & Crowd-Based Capitalism

A. Sundararajan, Video here

Digitale Wirtschaft und Privatsphäre: Der Preis der Personalisierung

N. Jentzsch, hier

The FCO prohibits booking.com’s “narrow” best-price clause

S. Heinz, here

The fourth industrial revolution: what does WEF’s Klaus Schwab leave out?

A. Maynard, here

Apple Presses Supreme Court for Appeal Over eBooks Price Fixing

Fortune.com, here

The Final GDPR Text and What It Will Mean for Health Data

Hogan Lovells, here

Blockchain Technology: Principles and Applications

M. Pilkington, here.

Disrupting the Disruptors

Nesta, here.

Emerging Competition Issues: Keeping Pace in a Changing World

CA Competition Bureau, here.

Towards a Digital Single Market Act

EP, here.

How I peeked at the personal data a billion dollar company holds about me

P.-O. Dehaye, here.

As More Pay by Smartphone, Banks Scramble to Keep Up

NYTimes, here

Digital transformations: An introduction

F.-X. Olleros, M. Zhegu, here

WhatsApp as a business channel

Whatsapp.com, here

Competition Law for a Post-Scarcity World

S. Mehla, here.

Privacy and Drone Spying

NYTimes, here

Welcome to the Jungle: The Liability of Internet Intermediaries for Privacy Violations in Europe

B. van der Sloot, here

Information as Property

H. Zech, here

The law and economics of most-favoured nation clauses

F.Gonzalez-Diaz, M. Bennett, here

Which Future for Competition in the Global Trade System: Competition Chapters in FTAs

V. Demedts, here

Drug Wars:A New Generation of Generic Pharmaceutical Delay

R. Feldman, E. Frondorf, here

Antitrust Overhaul

R. Steiner, here

Competition Policy in a World of Big Data

S. Vezzoso, here (this blog's author).

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Competition in a big data world

M. Vestager, here

Ad Blocking: A Primer

TechCrunch, here

Tarifs bancaires : Bercy va lancer un comparateur sur Internet

LeParisien, ici

A Note on the Ethics of Nudge

C. Schubert, here

Building the intention economy

ctrlio, here

European Antitrust Chief Takes Swipe at Privacy Issue

NYTimes, here.

Unilever CMO predicts that consumers will be using some sort of virtual assistant in the near future

Adage.com, here.

Stop Chug-a-Lug-a-Lugin 5 Miles an Hour on Your International Harvester: How Modern Economics Brings the FTC's Unfairness Analysis Up to Speed with Digital Platforms

J. Wright, J. Yun, here.

Capitalism’s Biggest Enemies: Elites Who Advocate Free-Market Competition

L. Lessig, here.

UK Government Response to EU public consultation on Digital Platforms

HMGovernment, here.

Un chauffeur de taxi peut aussi être sur Uber. L'article de loi l'interdisant censuré

Conseil constitutionnel, Décision n° 2015-516 QPC du 15 janvier 2016, ici

The Rise of the Platform Enterprise: A Global Survey

P. Evans, A. Gawer, here

IT giants debate on Big Data

Vodafone-institut.de, Video here

Some Reflections on ‘Switching Principles’ for key regulated sectors

The Centre for Competition Policy (CCP), here.  

Open Letter on Ethical Norms in Intellectual Property Scholarship

R. Feldman, M. Lemley, J. Masur, A. Rai, here

Fair Share: Reclaiming power in the sharing economy

B. Balaram, here

The economic impact of enforcement of competition policies on the functioning of EU energy markets

EC, here

Preisvergleichs- und Bewertungsportale als Verbraucherinformation

Deutsche Bundesregierung, hier

Do Consumers Care About Their Privacy In Practice? The FTC Digs Into The Debate

Adexchanger, here

Digital dividends

World Bank, here

Recommendation on protecting and promoting the right to freedom of expression and the right to private life with regard to network neutrality

Council of Europe, here

Innovation de rupture, droit et concurrence

Microeconomix, Conférence vendredi 29 janvier 2016, ici

Shops could soon be targeting ads according to your feet

TheGuardian, here

America's top privacy regulator refuses to wear a Fitbit

Theguardian.com, here

How Hotels.com uses email to keep me as a loyal customer

Econsultancy, here.

"So what is it about the Hotels.com offers and vouchers that get me? They feel relevant. They feel timely. They’re just the right amount of pushy". Email are "personalised, and relevant to trips I have browsed and taken in the past".

Market Study Into the Supply of Legal Services in England and Wales

CMA, here

Unternehmenszusammenschlüsse im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel verringern die Produktvielfalt

E. Argentesi, P. Buccirossi, R. Cervone, T. Duso, A. Marrazzo, hier

The sorry legacy of Internet Explorer

Wired.com, here

In Pursuit of an Affordable Tablet for the Blind

Technologyreview, here

Meet the Company That Doesn't Want to Know Who You Are

Zdnet, here

A Few Keystrokes Could Solve the Crime. Would You Press Enter?

J. Zittrain, here

Apple’s Android switching plan

Telegraph, here

Skratch Bastid's David Bowie remix takes off on Facebook

CBC.ca, here

Italian consumer organizations seek EU antitrust probe into McDonald's franchise

Reuters, here

The College With Mandatory Fitness Tracking Devices

Thedailybeast, here. 

Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market Worth $3.07 Billion By 2020

iCrunchdatanews, here

The three stages of printed pizzas and other wonders

Deloitte, here

Travel Search Site Skyscanner Raises $192M For International Expansion

TechCrunch, here

VG Media reicht weitere Klage gegen Google ein

Leistungsschutzrecht.info, hier

Insurance companies prepare to insure Uber drivers

OttawaCitizen, here

Auto Distribution: Current Issues and Future Trends

FTC, here

Law & Order 2045: Here are 3 legal cases from the future

FusionNet, here.

3 Products That Turn Your Fitness Data Into Training Tips

.consumerreports.org, here.

Recht auf Nutzung der persönlichen Daten. Recht auf Kopie

Postulat (vom CH Bundesrat angenommen), hier

Misleading patent office as abuse of dominant position (Israel)

Internationallawoffice, here or here

OLG Frankfurt: Einsatz von Cookies für Werbezwecke erfordert kein Opt-in

Delegedata.de, hier

Google is Microsoft, after all

Politico.eu, here

San Francisco’s largest taxi company is edging toward filing for bankruptcy

SFExaminer, here.

Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion? Understanding the Issues

FTC, here.
Read also the Separate Statement of Commissioner Ohlhausen, here

Supermarkt-Fusionen schaden der Produktvielfalt

Handelsblatt, hier.

Studie hier

Forbes, ad blocking, and the promise of an "ad-light experience"

Forbes, here

Artificial Intelligence: What Will the Next 20 Years Bring?

B. Hodjat, here

What We Can Do with Ad Blocking's Leverage

LinuxJournal, here

MLB Faces Antitrust Trial Over Telecasts: Are Small-Market Clubs Doomed By Cord-Cutters?

HollywoodReporter, here

vzbv mahnt Datenschutzerklärung von Google erneut ab

vzbv.de, hier.