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Cartel Detection: Introducing the V-023

ACM, Video here.

Competition for a Fairer Society

M. Vestager, here.

"Here in the United States, the Council of Economic Advisors has warned about the risks of markets that are increasingly dominated by a few large companies".

Commissioner Vestager on Recode Decode

Podcast, here.

Bundeskartellamt hat keine Einwände gegen App-basiertes Girokonto der Sparkassen

Bundeskartellamt, hier.

"Die gemeinsame Vereinbarung der Sparkassen darüber, die Basisversion des App-Kontos kostenlos anzubieten, könnte eine wettbewerbsbeschränkende Vereinbarung darstellen...Im Rahmen seines Aufgreifermessens hat das Bundeskartellamt entschieden, kein Verfahren gegen die teilnehmenden Sparkassen einzuleiten. Das gemeinsame Vorgehen der Sparkassen erscheint in diesem Fall gerechtfertigt, da so insbesondere auch kleinere Institute die Möglichkeit haben, über die App Neukunden zu gewinnen. Darüber hinaus erscheint es in dem derzeitigen Marktumfeld unumgänglich, die Basisversion eines App-Kontos kostenfrei anzubieten, so dass die Vereinbarung – wenn überhaupt – den Wettbewerb nur geringfügig beschränkt."

La blockchain dans les industries créatives : peut-on accroître la transparence tout en préservant la vie privée des utilisateurs ?

LINC, ici.

Opérations de visite et saisie inopinées dans le secteur de la fabrication et la distribution des sandwichs

Autorité de la concurrence, ici.

Experiments in Intellectual Property

C. Buccafusco, C. Sprigman, here.

"Inventing a new pharmaceutical or producing a movie takes years of intellectual effort. The creativity that researchers can study in the laboratory, however, may involve minutes or even seconds".

Anti-Surge Pricing

E-Commerce Sector Inquiry: Preliminary Report

Press Release, here. Fact sheet here. Preliminary Report here.

Digital content:
- "the information provided during the sector inquiry... shows that multiple business models and a great diversity of licensing practices are available and indeed used, which can cater for the needs of both right holders and digital content providers";
-"Little substantive evidence was provided on the importance of pre-sale arrangements to fund new products by respondents, in relation to the products included in the sector inquiry."

E-Commerce Sector Inquiry: Second Batch of Results

EC press conference by Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, 15 September 16.30h, here (not live bc of satellite technical problems...).

"If it is agreements between companies that are restricting e-commerce across Europe’s national borders, then you can expect competition enforcement to follow", speech, 11.09.2015.

My personal "highlights" (from today's press conference):

- investigation into online video games and geo-blocking still ongoing;
- E-commerce sector inquiry and pay-tv case "very, very distant relatives": former much broader (more "generic"), considering also consumer goods where there are ("obviously") the same restrictions but many more (I´d add that, with regard to digital content, restrictions in the licensing agreements well beyond geo-blocking have been identified by the EC); - E-commerce sector inquiry as a source of information for the legislator (possibly, copyright - and geo-blocking regulation).

DSM proposals (copyright)

14 September, at 15.15h, live here.

GC: Lundbeck confirmed

T‑472/13, here.
"The ‘scope of the patent’ test is...based on a subjective assessment, by the applicants, of the scope of their patents and of their validity, whereas a national court or competent authority may have taken a different view" (491).