The technology industry’s dirty secret: most products are frighteningly insecure

M. Kleppmann, here

Design of Search Engine Services: Channel Interdependence in Search Engine Results

B. Edelman, Z. Lai, here

Issues Paper On Foresight for Digital Development

UNCTAD, here

KLM now uses Facebook Messenger for boarding passes, flight info, and customer service

VentureBeat, here

Hollywood Deals in Spotlight as EU Builds Antitrust Film Case

Bloomberg, here

A Typology of Privacy

B.-J. Koops, B. Clayton Newell, T. Timan, I. Škorvánek, T. Chokrevski, M. Galič, here.

Patent licencing: CCI can look into cases if allegations of abuse of dominance are involved, says Delhi HC, here.
Judgment here

EU Privacy Reg Data Portability May Affect Controllers

S. Gardner, here

LG Berlin: Amazon haftet für urheberrechtswidrige Bilder seiner Marketplace-Verkäufer, hier

Off-Topic: Scientists for EU Campaign – Written evidence, here

Why Microsoft just made a big bet on bots

The Verge, here.

(Interestingly, MS fought hard against the browser replacing the desktop OS as the new platform, as every antitrust scholar knows; now MS - not alone, though - is "on the other side" and pushing hard for the bot store to replace the app store. Reactions from the incumbents at risk of being displaced or general and rather peaceful transition towards the new largely AI-fueled paradigm?).

Microsoft is bringing bots to Skype — and everywhere else

TechCrunch, here

This student put 50 million research articles online. And they’re free.

WashingtonPost, here

Microsoft CEO: ‘Bots are the new apps'

Mashable, here.

Clippy’s Back: The Future of Microsoft Is Chatbots

Bloomberg, here

Consumer Protection in E-commerce - OECD Recommendation

Pipelines, Platforms, and the New Rules of Strategy

M. Van Alstyne, G. Parker, S. Choudary, here.

Monopolizing Water in a Tsunami: Finding Sensible Antitrust Rules for Big Data

D. Balto, M. Cameron Lane, here

How would Brexit affect EU patent protection?

TheGuardian, here

Vertical restraints: new evidence from a business survey

Accent and Oxera for the CMA, here.
See also the Summary note of the CMA roundtable on vertical restraints 16 January 2015, here.

"What vertical restraints are businesses using and what are their main motivations for doing so?"
Seriously, did they expect businesses to answer "for anti-competitive reasons"?

Blockchain: Spider or Starfish Effect?

R. French, here

Using Adblock Plus to block ads is legal, rules German court—for the fifth time

ArsTechnica, here

What is a Robot?

The Atlantic, here

Commitment Decisions in Antitrust Cases

OECD Secretariat, here

Fidelity Rebates

OECD Secretariat, here

In the wake of Apple v FBI, we need to address some uncomfortable truths

J. Powles, E. Chaparro, here

The Platform Revolution

Interview with G. Parker, Here.

Snapchat update targets rivals’ territory

FT, here

The Global Privacy Enforcement Network

Annual Report (2015), here

Automating the Professions: Utopian Pipe Dream or Dystopian Nightmare?

F. Pasquale, here

Taxi And Private Hire Car Licensing – Consultation on The Impact of Modern Technology

The Scottish Government, here

Lufthansa says other airlines will follow GDS surcharge move

Tnooz, here

How the FCC's Privacy Proposal Could Affect More Than ISPs

AdAge, here. 

Data Protection Practitioners' Conference 2016

Recordings and Presentations here

Apple ‘privacy czars’ grapple with internal conflicts over user data

VentureBeat, here

La menace d’une saisie du code source des iPhone serait crédible

Numerama, ici

Google looks to big data to cut traffic and create new product

SiliconBeat, here

Why real-time search algorithm updates may be bad news

SearchEngineLand, here

Spotify inks “no copyright claim” royalty deal with music publishers

ArsTechnica, here

No, the On-Demand Economy Isn’t About to Implode

WIRED, here

The death of Instagram for brands

TechCrunch, here

Newsonomics: In Southern California’s newspaper chaos, is anyone really speaking for the readers?

NiemanLab, here

Renzi puts brakes on Italy taxi reform

FT, here

Geo-blocking practices in e-commerce

EC, here

EU-Kartellrechtsuntersuchung: Geoblocking grassiert im Netz, hier

Data Wars: The banks awaken

AFR, here

The CMA’s Energy Market Provisional Remedies: Right Direction but Inadequate, and Missing an Important Trick

D. Deller, here.
Also here.

LG Düsseldorf: Like-Button und Social-Plugins sind rechtswidrig (FAQ zum Urteil)

T. Schwenke, hier

Online Privacy and ISPs: ISP Access to Consumer Data is Limited and Often Less than Access by Others

P. Swire, J. Hemmings, A. Kirkland, here

Google says 'not now, not ever' will it become an OTA

Travelweekly, here

Resultados preliminares del estudio sobre los nuevos modelos de prestación de servicios y la economía colaborativa

CNMC, aquì.
Consulta pública aquì

UK and the EU: Benefits, Misconceptions and Alternatives

Lawyers-In for Britain, here.

Berichtsflut über Preisinsel Schweiz, hier

Strategia per il mercato unico digitale in Europa

G. Pitruzzella, here

Italy to adopt first "Sharing Economy Act" in Europe -- but does it share EU law principles?

R. Cohen, here.
See also here (in Italian)

Uber seems to offer better service in areas with more white people. That raises some tough questions

WashingtonPost, here

A vision for Market Research in an Information Age

CitizenMe, here

Two Powerful Mental Models: Network Effects and Critical Mass

T. Griffin, here

Bitcoin and Diversity, here

The intersection of data protection and antitrust law - finally a spot on case in the EU

M. Hall, here.

Counterfeit crackdown: Microchips hidden in luxury heels & bags

TheMemo, here.
See also here.

Even the UNWTO is talking about the sharing economy

TNooz, here

Potential Antitrust Implications of MFN Clauses

It's Your Data: Empowering Broadband Consumers to Protect Privacy

T. Wheeler, here

Do stricter environmental policies hurt export competitiveness?

OECD, here

Competing fairly in business – why it matters to start-ups

CMA, here.

Yeah, sure, think Skoosh for instance.

A State-Powered Green Revolution

M. Mazzucato, here

German Regional Court: Consent necessary when implementing the Facebook Like-Button

C. Piltz, here

The evolution of advertising: a technology tipping point, here

Appfail:Threats to Consumers in Mobile Apps

Norwegian Consumer Council, here

The New Mind Control

R. Epstein, here.

Cited article here

Opera integriert Adblocker, hier.

La donnée, nouveau carburant de l’économie

Lenouveleconomiste, Ici.

What Airbnb’s blockchain authentication proposal means for privacy online

TheStack, here.

CMA sets out energy market changes

CMA, here.

The inner workings of Digital Disruption

@PlatRevolution, here

Biometrics Are Coming, Along With Serious Security Concerns

Wired, here

Services de géolocalisation des VTC

Conseil d’État, ici

Instagram kills newly launched ‘Being’ app, which saw 50K downloads its first week

TechCrunch, here

Lonely Journey: From Economics to Law and Back

F. Jenny, Video here

Web Scale Analysis of Third-Party Tracking

T. Libert, Video, here.

Google’s New Mobile Tool Lets You Compare Destinations by Price, here

Facebook se lance dans la course aux droits sportifs

Numérama, ici

Data brokers and profiling in the Netherlands

F. Kreiken, here

Crowd-Based Capitalism? Empowering Entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy

A. Sundararajan, here

The One-Way Mirror: Public attitudes to commercial access to health data

Ipsos Mori for the Wellcome Trust, here.

liqz-Studie beleuchtet die Gefahren von Tracking für die Privatsphäre, hier

Competition: raising the anti, here

Google Search gets Destinations

VentureBeat, here.

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...