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How to Force Our Machines to Play Fair

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IoT Security: The Darkest Cloud Yet is Coming

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What are competition authorities talking about when they talk about big data?

OECD Hearing: Providing help to understand big data analytically
Last week, on a sunny and frosty November day (“Cold frost and sunshine: day of wonder! - Мороз исолнце; день чудесный”), competition authorities gathered at the OECD in Paris with the intention of figuring out analytically what big data could mean for competition enforcement.
In essence, discussions mainly focused on the impact on competition policy of the massive processing and exploitation of private data for commercial gain. While it goes without saying that big data is already significantly affecting business strategies, both on and offline, the question competition authorities are ever warming to is how big data might affect their own competition enforcement activities.
The topic "Big data: Bringing competition policy to the digital era" was discussed by invited experts from academia and the private sector, followed by contributions provided by BIAC (with a Microsoft representative as ad hoc speaker), Germ…