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CJEU: Huawei v. ZTE

Press release, here. Judgment here.

"Moreover, in February 2013 a German Regional Tribunal posed to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) five questions whose answers could be influential in shaping the interpretation of Article 102 TFEU with regard to intellectual property rights’ enforcement in the context of standardization" from some notes I took back in April 2013, here (it feels like AGES ago).

A few remarks on the role of intermediaries in the Digital Economy

J. Tirole, Presentation here.

Passengers sue airlines over allegations of price collusion

TheHill, here.

Bulgarian Competition Authority has fined the companies that provide Uber's services, here.
Press Release of the Commission for Protection of Competition, here.

Google Translate: 
CPC penalize companies Hubert Dutch BV and Razier Opareyshans BV with 50 000 lev for violations under Art. 29 of the LPC (general prohibition of unfair competition) in connection with the provision of the service UberX in the city. Sofia on 12.09.2014 In its decision, the Commission states the termination of the infringements. , and immediate execution of the decision in that part . The proceedings is initiated automatically by a Commission decision in relation to the received from the Municipality of Sofia information on the introduction of the service "UberX" in the city. Sofia and subsequently merged with other proceedings instituted at the request of "Okay Supertrans" against AD "Hubert Bulgaria" EOOD, again in connection with the service UberX . During the study found that in providing the service UberX by Hubert BV and Razier Opareyshans BV offen…

The French, Italian and Swedish Competition Authorities Accept the Commitments Offered by

ECN Brief 2/2015, here.
No direct link, hence:
In their investigations of so-called "price parity" clauses (also called "best price" clauses) contained in agreements between online travel agencies (OTAs) and hotels, the French Competition Authority (FCA), the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) and the Swedish Competition Authority (SCA) coordinated their investigations and, on 21 April 2015, adopted parallel decisions accepting identical commitments [1] from the market-leading OTA and making them binding in their respective jurisdictions. The European Commission assisted the authorities in coordinating their work. OTAs such as operate internet platforms, on which consumers can search for, compare and book hotel rooms free of charge. Hotels only pay commission to the OTA for its services when a booking is made. The price parity clauses essentially require the hotels to offer the same or a better room price on's platform as t…

Uber annonce la suspension d’UberPop en France

Le Monde, ici.

OTAs see chaos when rate parity ends, here.

Challenging assumptions about behavioral policy

Behavioral Science & Policy Association, here.

Ubérisation : une course au moins disant social ?

F. Marty, ici.

Dutch universities start their Elsevier boycott plan, here.