Supreme Court won’t weigh in on Oracle-Google API copyright battle

ArsTechnica, here

Tim Wu: "The main surprising and shocking realization is that Google is not presenting its best product", here. Study here

Uber: more like eBay than like McDonald’s?, here

Deux dirigeants d'Uber en garde à vue, ici.

L’innovation de rupture: de nouveaux défis pour le droit de la concurrence

T. Schrepel, ici

Oracle v. Google Android-Java copyright case goes back to San Fran: Supreme Court denies Google petition, here

The German Pillow Fight Drags On: "Caution with new terms of!"

German Hotel Association, here

Apparently, "everyone" knew of a leaked (online) copy of Google (Search) Statement of Objections - I didn't

With a little help from @wavesblog readers, perhaps?

ProSiebenSat.1 acquires German online price comparison business Verivox for up to €210 million, here

Warning: You are about to be nudged

G. Loewenstein, C. Bryce, D. Hagmann, & S. Rajpal, here.

Uber’s Biggest Rival In China Claims It Handles 3 Million Rides Per Day, here alarmed by France’s new hotel rate parity plans

Hotelmarketing, here.
The original LesEchos article here

Uber, sharing and the compensation mechanism

J. Gans, here

Is Google Degrading Search? Consumer Harm from Universal Search

M. Luca, T. Wu and the Yelp Data Science Team, here

Two-Sided Platforms: Discussion

S. Vezzoso (this blog's author), Presentation here

Domaine Public, abus et Amazon

Framablog, ici.

Uber driver case poses questions for ‘sharing economy’

FT, here.

"The case highlighted a fundamental dilemma for internet companies built on the booming freelance sector. Establishing some level of control over the workers who use their platforms is often essential to ensuring a consistent level of service.
But the further they go — for instance, by laying down standards of training or conduct — the more they lay themselves open to one day being forced to accept the full responsibilities of employers. For the California labour commissioner, Uber’s control of pricing, tipping, driver ratings and the type of car made it look like an employer."

Ambition Numérique

Rapport, CNNum, ici.

Dealing with Losers: The Political Economy of Policy Transitions

M. Trebilcock, here

Google Is Its Own Secret Weapon in the Cloud

NYT, here

Google’s War Against Apps, here (paywall).
See also herehere and here.

CCP Annual Conference 2015 Live Blogging

Conference Programme here

Core data protection topics in the perspective of the trilogue between European institutions.

WP29, here

Vertikale Preisbindung im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel - Großteil der Bußgeldverfahren abgeschlossen, hier.
Fallberichte hier (Röstkaffee), hier (Haribo-Produkte) und hier (Ritter-Produkte).

Should Uber be Allowed to Compete in Europe? And if so How?

D. Geradin, here

«L'Internet est sorti du temps de l'innocence»

Libération, ici

US Supreme Court Leaves Standing Decisions on Foreign Antitrust Conduct

Online Copyright Enforcement, Consumer Behavior, and Market Structure

L. Aguiar, J. Claussen, C. Peukert, here

First new private bank opens in UK for 30 years

FT, here

Five for Five – Amazon Inks Deal With Random Penguin

The-digital-reader, here

Independence is non-negotiable

M. Vestager, here

Game of Thrones breaks piracy records once again

Futureofcopyright, here

Court of Human Rights holds news portal liable for user comments

@Technollama, here

Brief Amici Curiae on Behalf of 70 Law, Economics, and Business Professors and the American Antitrust Institute - Loestrin pay-for-delay case


Ten years of commitment decisions under Article 9 of Regulation 1/2003: Too much of a good thing?

W. Wils, here

UK Record labels attack Apple deals that would leave them 'deeply unsatified', here

The Commercial Use of Consumer Data

DotEcon with Analysys Mason for the CMA, here.
See also the Report on the CMA’s call for information, here

Internet-Plattformen: Innovation siegt stets über Gerechtigkeit

E. Morozov, hier

Amazon Is Building An App To Let Normal People Deliver Packages For Pay

TechCrunch, here.

How big is the self-publishing market? Only Amazon knows, here

Time to stick a fork in these Android competition complaints

Computer & Communications Industry Association, here

European Commission approves joint venture for cross-border licensing of online music between PRSfM, STIM and GEMA, subject to commitments

Press Release, here

Open Letter on the Digital Economy



Julia Reda's Press Conference

Video here (from 0:30)

U.S. Court Upholds Antitrust Action Against Patent Troll
M. Carrier, here

Apple News: I Do Not Agree To Your Terms, here

The General Court upholds the registration of the shape of Lego figures as a Community trade mark

Judgments in Cases T-395/14 and T-396/14 Best-Lock Europe (Ltd) v OHIM — Lego Juris, Press Release here

More data protection is better than less

V. Reding, here

New Kindle Unlimited Payout Structure

HughHowey, here. See also here

Where are Maps going?

Asymco, here

European Ministers Agree To Disagree On Data Protection Reform

TechCrunch, here

Report on the remote Ebook Lending Pilots

The Society of Chief Librarians and The Publishers Association, here

Here’s What Happens to Your $10 After You Pay for a Month of Apple Music, here

Google Says More Than Half Of Its UK Searches Are Performed On Mobile

SearchEngineLand, here

Discount Contact Lens Retailers Given OK to Lower Prices

NYT, here.

Background info here

La loi met fin à la parité tarifaire et instaure le contrat de mandat, ici

Relationship Between Public and Private Antitrust Enforcement

OECD, Note by the Secretariat, here

Competition Enforcement in Oligopolistic Markets

OECD, Issues Paper, here

Disruptive Innovation

OECD, Issues Paper, here

Competition Neutrality

OECD, Issues Paper, here

Les hôteliers retrouvent une totale liberté dans la fixation de leurs prix

Les Echos, ici.

A voir aussi UMIH, communiqué de presse, ici

The UK Booksellers Association leads way in Amazon competition inquiry, here

What does the open sourcing of Swift mean for me?

EKreative, here

Amazon’s E-Books Business Investigated by European Antitrust Regulators

NYT, here.

Börsenverein's reaction here (D). See also here (D). 

Die FIFA-WM als Platform

J. Haucap, hier

Creating a better India – Musings on economic governance of India

N. Murthy, here

European Commission opens formal investigation into Amazon's e-book distribution arrangements

Press Release, here.

TDF sanctionnée pour avoir mis en place des pratiques tendant à évincer ses concurrents du site de la Tour Eiffel.

Autorité de la concurrence, ici

What Apple’s Tim Cook Overlooked in His Defense of Privacy

NYT, here.

Net neutrality takes effect Friday; ISPs scramble to avoid complaints

ArsTechnica, here

Google: "Jedes deutsche Auto wird von einem Computer gesteuert werden“

FAZ, hier

Competition Culture Project Report

ICN Advocacy Working Group, here

All of Germany just signed up to this micropayment app that people think is the future of news on the web

BusinessInsider, here

We aren’t the copyright cops, ICANN’s president says

WashingtonPost, here.

Analysing Google's Public Response to the EC's Statement of Objections

Foundem, here.

(Cool interactive presentation, possibly created with Visme - whose licence is a little expensive, though).

Ex-post economic evaluation of competition policy enforcement: A review of the literature

EC, DG Competition, here

Apple Music faces antitrust scrutiny in NY, Connecticut, here. See also the NYT, here

Self-Regulation and Innovation in the Peer-to-Peer Sharing Economy

M.Cohen & A. Sundararajan, here.

User Reputation: Building Trust and Addressing Privacy Issues in the Sharing Economy

Future of Privacy Forum, here

Europe’s innovation deficit isn’t disappearing any time soon

WashingtonPost, here.

Uber, Ola Drivers Protest Against Delhi Ban Amid Police Crackdown, here

The “Sharing” Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators

FTC, June 9, 2015.
Agenda here.
Video of Part 4 here.
Public submissions here

Avis concernant un projet de décret et un projet d’arrêté relatifs au transport public particulier de personnes

Autorité de la concurrence, ici.

The Interchange Fees Regulation

Competition policy brief, here

Cartel de l'acier: "L’Etat a perdu environ 500 millions d’euros dans cette affaire", ici

Loi Macron : des députés ne veulent pas de l’amendement anti-Google

Nextinpact, ici

Discussion of "On the Antitrust Economics of the Electronic Books Industry"

Paper here. Discussion here

App Maker Files EU Complaint Against Google, Alleging Abuse of Android Dominance, here.

"Disconnect said Google abused its dominant position in Europe’s mobile market to unfairly discriminate against Disconnect and favor its own privacy and security software. The moves limited Europeans’ access to competing privacy and security software, while letting Google and others track and collect Android users’ information for advertising, Disconnect said...The app maker alleged Google pulled Disconnect because the software disrupted Google’s tracking and advertising efforts, the source of most of the Internet company’s revenue and profit. In an email included in the complaint, a Play store employee said the app was removed because it prevented other apps from delivering ads....A Google spokesman called Disconnect’s claims “baseless.” Google has allowed more than 200 other privacy apps in the Play store, but blocks any apps that alter other apps’ functionality or remove their way of making money, he added, saying Google applies this policy uniformly, with strong support from Android developers...Google abused its dominance in mobile operating systems and the app market by “tying” its own software and security to those platforms, Disconnect said in its complaint. That gave its services an unfair advantage over Disconnect’s rival software, reducing competition and consumer choice in the market for privacy and security software, the developer said. Google’s removal of the app also illegally discriminated against Disconnect because Google’s own privacy and security software, which it includes by default in its Android operating system, isn't held to the same standards, Disconnect argued."

More about Disconnect here

Google добавили статью

Ведомости, вот.

App Developers Alliance Respectfully Disagrees with the Solicitor General in Google v. Oracle

Press Release, here

Apple, Feeling Heat From Spotify, to Offer Streaming Music Service, here.