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Il diritto di fotografare la grande bellezza che divide l'Europa, qui.

Two-Sided Platforms: Discussion

S. Vezzoso (this blog's author), Presentation here.

Uber driver case poses questions for ‘sharing economy’

FT, here.

"The case highlighted a fundamental dilemma for internet companies built on the booming freelance sector. Establishing some level of control over the workers who use their platforms is often essential to ensuring a consistent level of service. But the further they go — for instance, by laying down standards of training or conduct — the more they lay themselves open to one day being forced to accept the full responsibilities of employers. For the California labour commissioner, Uber’s control of pricing, tipping, driver ratings and the type of car made it look like an employer."

Data and trust in digital markets: what are the concerns for competition and for consumers?

A. Chrisholm, here.

Google Is Its Own Secret Weapon in the Cloud

NYT, here.

Vertikale Preisbindung im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel - Großteil der Bußgeldverfahren abgeschlossen, hier.
Fallberichte hier (Röstkaffee), hier (Haribo-Produkte) und hier (Ritter-Produkte).

How big is the self-publishing market? Only Amazon knows, here.

Open Letter on the Digital Economy


Julia Reda's Press Conference

Video here (from 0:30)

U.S. Court Upholds Antitrust Action Against Patent Troll

M. Carrier, here.

Apple News: I Do Not Agree To Your Terms, here.

The General Court upholds the registration of the shape of Lego figures as a Community trade mark

Judgments in Cases T-395/14 and T-396/14 Best-Lock Europe (Ltd) v OHIM — Lego Juris, Press Release here.

More data protection is better than less

V. Reding, here.

WIPO Marrakesh Treaty For Blind Readers In Force In Early 2016? Now Part Of Bigger UN Process

The Antitrust Analysis of Rules and Standards for Software Platforms and Its Implications for China

La CNIL met en demeure Google de procéder aux déréférencements sur toutes les extensions du moteur de recherche

Communiqué de presse, ici. Décision, ici.

Airbnb And The Problem Of Data

TechCrunch, here.

Les hôteliers retrouvent une totale liberté dans la fixation de leurs prix

Les Echos, ici.

A voir aussi UMIH, communiqué de presse, ici.

The UK Booksellers Association leads way in Amazon competition inquiry, here.

What does the open sourcing of Swift mean for me?

EKreative, here.

Die FIFA-WM als Platform

J. Haucap, hier.

Creating a better India – Musings on economic governance of India

N. Murthy, here.

European Commission opens formal investigation into Amazon's e-book distribution arrangements

Press Release, here.

TDF sanctionnée pour avoir mis en place des pratiques tendant à évincer ses concurrents du site de la Tour Eiffel.

Autorité de la concurrence, ici.

App Maker Files EU Complaint Against Google, Alleging Abuse of Android Dominance, here.

"Disconnect said Google abused its dominant position in Europe’s mobile market to unfairly discriminate against Disconnect and favor its own privacy and security software. The moves limited Europeans’ access to competing privacy and security software, while letting Google and others track and collect Android users’ information for advertising, Disconnect said...The app maker alleged Google pulled Disconnect because the software disrupted Google’s tracking and advertising efforts, the source of most of the Internet company’s revenue and profit. In an email included in the complaint, a Play store employee said the app was removed because it prevented other apps from delivering ads....A Google spokesman called Disconnect’s claims “baseless.” Google has allowed more than 200 other privacy apps in the Play store, but blocks any apps that alter other apps’ functionality or remove their way of making money, he added, saying Google applies this policy uniformly, with stro…