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Textbook cartels versus the real deal: Should we be surprised if some cartels do not lead to damage?

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Banana cartel: GC ruling confirmed

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A Legal and Empirical Study of 3D Printing Online Platforms and an Analysis of User Behaviour

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How Much For a Song?: The Antitrust Decrees that Govern the Market for Music

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Google and the right to be forgotten

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Datenschlussverkauf in Brüssel

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Bundeskartellamt untersagt Wettbewerbsverbote für Mieter in Factory Outlet Center

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Will Google someday rank web pages based on how accurate they are? A new paper suggests they might., here.

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Die Sektoruntersuchung des Bundeskartellamts zur Nachfragemacht im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel – Ein Kommentar aus ökonomischer Perspektive

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Leaked documents: European data protection reform is badly broken

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Waze can be preinstalled on your next Android phone: Why does Google need to stick two different mapping apps on your device?

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Abänderungsanträge sollen EU-Urheberrecht einbetonieren: Nächste Runde im Streit um Reda-Report

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Time for Supreme Court to revisit baseball's antitrust exemption

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Google, Our Patron Saint of the Closed Web

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White House Proposes Broad Consumer Data Privacy Bill

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Why the iPhone confounds disruption theorists

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Commissioner Wright Rightly Calls the Question on Section 5 Guidance

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Android App Performance Report

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