Tratamiento jurisprudencial de los sitios web que proporcionan enlaces a obras y prestaciones protegidas

M. Peguera Poch, aquì.

EU Antitrust Endgame Looking More Murky, Risky For Google

SearchEngineLand, here.

It Takes Two to Tango: Two-Sided Markets and the Appeals in Cartes Bancaires and MasterCard, here.

Müssen wir Google zerschlagen?, hier.

FOSS Governance And Collaboration: From A Good Idea To Coherent Market Approach

S. Coughlan,  here.

Opinion 8/2014 on the on Recent Developments on the Internet of Things

WP29, here.

CMA finalises changes for car insurance

Press Release, here.

288-page Final Report here.

Et voilà: "The measures include a ban on agreements between price comparison websites and insurers which stop insurers from making their products available more cheaply on other online platforms"

Rigged Markets?

BBC Radio 4, File on 4, here.

Intel and the fight for the soul of EU competition law, here.

Translation and intellectual property rights

Bird&Bird for the European Commission (DG Translation), here.

Patent Litigation Settlement Agreements: A Canadian Perspective

Competition Bureau, here.

See also J. Pecman, Remarks here.

EU's Almunia says readying antitrust charges against Gazprom, here.

Champion European innovation to challenge Google

E. Morozov, here.

Gli affitti brevi (ai turisti) che fanno litigare, qui.

Market for commercial use of public information: CMA seeks views


Internet der Dinge: Die Zahnbürste als Gefahr, hier.

Google, Kayak, Hipmunk, Skyscanner, Travelzoo, and TripAdvisor attack DOT’s proposed rule, here.

The impact of the development of big data on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data in the EU

WP29, here.

Bill Introduced in Congress to Let You Actually Own Things, Even if They Contain Software,  here.

The judgment of the EU General Court in Intel and the so-called 'more economic approach' to abuse of dominance

W. Wils, here.

Embracing a new digital era in Europe

E. Schmidt, here.

{"Everything needs to change, so everything can stay the same"}

WIPO Director General Outlines Second Mandate Priorities

WIPO, here.

Innenminister will Persönlichkeitsprofile im Internet verbieten, hier.

[Kommt es auf die Definition von Nutzerprofilen an?]

Amazon kommt Buchverlagen entgegen

DerSpiegel, hier.

S. auch hier

Sharing Economy Faces Patchwork of Guidelines in European Countries

NYTimes, here.

EU's Gazprom antitrust probe suspended, but case not closed, here.

New smartphone app gives sight to the blind, here.

Harper Competition Review Draft Report


A few selected topics:

Taxi industry and disruptive innovation

P.30: "States and Territories should remove regulations that restrict competition in the taxi industry, including from services that compete with taxis, except where it would not be in the public interest.

If restrictions on numbers of taxi licences are to be retained, the number to be issued should be determined by independent regulators focused on the interests of consumers."

P.  139: "Mobile technologies are emerging that compete with traditional taxi booking services and support the emergence of innovative passenger transport services. Any regulation of such services should be consumer-focused and not inhibit innovation or protect existing business models."

IP and competition policy

P.31: "The Panel recommends that an overarching review of intellectual property be undertaken by an independent body, such as the Productivity Commission. The review should focus on competition policy issues in intellectual property arising from new developments in technology and markets.

The review should also assess the principles and processes followed by the Australian Government when establishing negotiating mandates to incorporate intellectual property provisions in international trade agreements.

Trade negotiations should be informed by an independent and transparent analysis of the costs and benefits to Australia of any proposed IP provisions. Such an analysis should be undertaken and published before negotiations are concluded."

{P. 80-87 are already on my students' mandatory reading list.}

RPM and Retail MFN

P. 46 f.: "The Panel considers that there is not a sufficient case at this time for changing the prohibition of  RPM from a per se prohibition to a competition based test. It would be appropriate, though, to allow business to seek exemption from the prohibition more easily. This could be achieved through allowing RPM to be assessed through the notification process, which is quicker and less expensive for businesses than  authorisation. This change would also have the advantage of allowing the ACCC to assess RPM trading strategies more frequently, and thereby provide better evidence as to the competitive effects of RPM in Australia."

P. 234 f.: "Historically, RPM has been considered in the context of ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers. RPM is now emerging as an issue for new models of digital-based retailing. eBay states, based on annual surveys of its sellers, that around a quarter of sellers are instructed by their suppliers to sell at recommended retail prices (...)
RPM in digital markets also recently received significant international legal attention when Apple was found to have breached EU and US competition laws
by fixing the prices of e-books in collaboration with five publishers."

Big Data, Personal Data Protection and Competition Policy

P.129: "Markets work best when consumers are engaged, empowering them to make informed decisions. There is capacity to enhance Australian consumers’access to data on their own usage of utility services in a usable format to assist consumers to make better informed decisions.
in collaboration with fivepublishers."

The Right to be Forgotten, or the Right Not to Be Gossiped About

Report, BBC Radio 4, Podcast here.

« La calunnia è un venticello , N.Ghiurov, here.

Right to be de-listed : European DPAs agreed on a common tool box to handle complaints

WP 29, here.

Apparently,  the rules won’t be finalized until November. 

Le secteur des autoroutes après la privatisation des sociétés concessionnaires

Autorité de la concurrence, ici.

Patent right exploitation under antitrust law scrutiny

K. Nejezchleb, T. Kubeša, here.

European Draft Directive on Damages Actions - How to protect leniency incentives without jeopardising the victim's right of compensation

P. Kirst, R. Van den Bergh, here.

The Hidden Costs of Free Goods: Implications for Antitrust Enforcement

M. Gal, D. Rubinfeld, here.

The Internet: Just Another Distribution Channel? EU and U.S. Competition Policy Approaches to E- Commerce

J. Wahl, S. Troost and C. Buts,  here.

Which Patent Systems are Better for Inventors?

J. Bessen, G. Thoma, here.

Analysis of consequences of different VAT scenarios for books

Oslo Economics, Study here. Summary and Conclusions in English here.

Alice is killing the trolls -- but expect patent lawyers to strike back

S. Phipps, here.

El Tribunal Supremo deja en el aire la tramitación de la Ley de Propriedad Intelectual

ABC. es, aquì.

Que faut-il retenir du 80ème congrès de l’IFLA à Lyon ?, ici

Bei Axel Springer liest man jetzt Karl Marx, hier.

NewsCorp: Google is a 'platform for piracy'

BBC, here. Letter here.

"Google is commodifying the audience of specialist publishers and limiting their ability to generate advertising revenue. Data aggregators attempt to sell audiences at a steep discount to the original source, for example, access to 75 per cent of The Wall Street Journal demographic at 25 per cent of the price, thus undermining the business model of the content creator. This process is at a relatively early stage and needs constant monitoring to ensure that abuses are halted and that there is a fair return for newspapers, publishers and other investors in original content."

10 Comments on the ECJ’s Judgment in Case C-67/13 P, Groupement des Cartes Bancaire

ChillingCompetition, here.

Top EU Court Checks Expansive Approach to Prohibition on Anti - Competitive Agreements But Uncertainties Remain, here.

Regulation and the sharing economy

Freakonomics, podcast here, transcript here.

South African Competition Commission non - refers Doctors Without Borders complaint

Press Release, here.

The Court of Justice of the EU Judgment on Data Protection and Internet Search Engines: Current Issues and Future Challenges

C. Kuner, here.

Le Conseil d’état veut encadrer l’usage des algorithmes prédictifs, ici.

The "right to be forgotten"

UK Commons Library standard note, here.

Müssen wir Angst vor Google haben?

J. Haucap, here.

Smartwatches and Weak Privacy Rules

NYTimes, here.

German Official: Google Should Reveal Its Ranking Algorithm

SearchEngineLand, here.

Judge overturns Uber ride-sharing ban in Germany

BBC, here.

"By Object” Restrictions of Competition Revisited: European Court of Justice Endorses Narrow Interpretation, here.

The Commission Investigation into Pay TV Services: Open Questions

P. Ibáñez Colomo, here.

Groupement des Cartes Bancaires and the resilience of the case law on restrictions by object, here.

IP Markets and Enabling Information Ecosystems

UK IPO, here.

'Mr. Confession' and his boss drive China's antitrust crusade, here.

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating: Net Neutrality in Practice, the Dutch Example

N. Van Eijk, here.

Meet Datacoup - the company that wants to help you sell your data, here.

Taking TV and film into the digital age

N. Kroes, here.

Dutch court refers questions to CJEU on e-lending and digital exhaustion, and another Dutch reference on digital resale may be just about to follow

The IPKat, here.

Defining Section 5 of the Ftc Act: The Failure of the Common Law Method and the Need for Formal Agency Guidelines

J. Rybnicek, J. Wright, here.

Apple Watch under scrutiny for privacy by Connecticut attorney general, here.

Fünf Theorien, warum Minecraft 2,5 Milliarden wert sein könnte, hier.

Russian antitrust files 1st claim on price hiking on sanctions, here.

Circumventing OTA Rate-Parity (Retail Price MFN) via Google's Hotel Finder

Evercore, here.

MasterCard Wins Court Fight With EU Over Card-Fee Study

Bloomberg, here. Ruling here.

Le numérique et les droits fondamentaux

Conseil d'Etat, ici

If Expedia Was Too Powerful for Hotels, Consider’s Plans, here.

MFNs Becoming A Battleground In FCC’s Review Of Comcast/Time Warner Deal, here.

Cartel Damage Claims and the so-Called “Umbrella Pricing” Under EU Competition Law: The Kone Ruling of the CJEU, here.

L’Autorité de la concurrence s’inquiète de l’intégration verticale des géants du Web, ici.

«...dans le cas de l’enquête sur et Expedia qui imposent aux hôteliers de ne pas vendre moins cher que sur leurs plateformes, nous nous associons aux autres autorités, car c’est un frein à la concurrence»

Microsoft wades into the Google antitrust fray, here

Wettbewerb: Amazon ist kein Monopolist

J. Haucap, hier.

Wettbewerb im Internet: "Rechtlich muss etwas geschehen"

Interview mit D. Zimmer, hier.

Alice v. CLS Bank: United States Supreme Court Establishes General Patentability Test

J. Powles, here


TheEconomist, here

Is There a George Mason School of Law and Economics?

T. Zywicki, here

Auditing Algorithms: Research Methods for Detecting Discrimination on Internet Platforms

C. Sandvig, K. Hamilton, K. Karahalios, C. Langbort, here

Value of a Platform to a Seller: Case of American Airlines and Online Travel Agencies

V. Bilotkach, N. Rupp, V. Pai, here

Hoteliers react to sharing-economy competition, here

The Folklore of Informationalism: The Case of Search Engine Speech

O. Bracha, here

El cártel de los extintores (I): La CNMC apaga el fuego de la disuasión anti-cartel en España

F. Marcos, aquì

The Role of 'Big Data' in Online Platform Competition

A. Lerner, here

'Piracy sites don't love music - they love money', here

Taxi-Konkurrenz: Gericht verbietet Uber deutschlandweit

FAZ, hier.

Update: "Uber wird seine Tätigkeit in ganz Deutschland fortführen und wird weiterhin seine Dienste über die Uber App anbieten."

Zuletzt hatte sich auch die Monopolkommission zu den Wettbewerbsverhältnissen auf den Taximärkten  geäussert.