Handbook on European data protection law

FRA - EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, here.

Comments Received on Green Paper "Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy"


Gawker: Tarantino should blame himself for Hateful Eight script leak

TheGuardian.com, here.

Time to get Angry about Data Protection!

Paulbernal.wordpress.com, here.

Access to data protection remedies in EU Member States

FRA– European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, here.

Las indemnizaciones de daños derivadas del cártel del azúcar

F. Marcos, aquì.

Commentary to the Marrakesh Treaty on accessible format copies for the visually impaired

M. Ficsor, here.

Google's DeepMind acquisition might be about search, not robots

TheVerge.com, here.

Extraction automatisée des données et des textes : Savoirscom1 s’engage pour une exception!

Savoirscom1.info, ici.

The New Disruptors at Sundance

T. Wu, here.

Premier League steps up TV battle

SportingLife.com, here.

Connected Televisions - Convergence and Emerging Business Models

OECD Digital Economy Papers No. 23, here.

Judge Rules in Favor of DOJ Finding Bazaarvoice / PowerReviews Merger Anticompetitive

McDermott Will & Emery, here.

Self-Replicating Technologies and the Challenge for the Patent and Antitrust Laws

D. Lim, here.

Netflix Says It'll Be Fine Without Net Neutrality Rules; But What About The Next Netflix?

TechDirt.com, here.

Statement of South Africa on Access to Essential Medicines

Keionline.org, here.

Google Awarded Patent For Free Rides To Advertisers’ Locations

TechCrunch.com, here.

How Google controls Android's open-source software

TheGuardian.com, here.

Big Data and the Future of Privacy

Whitehouse.gov, here.

At the Intersection of Antitrust & High-Tech: Opportunities for Constructive Engagement

R. Hesse, here.

Net neutrality just got a boost in Europe, thanks to a consumer rights committee

Gigaom.com, here.

Pope Francis says the internet is a 'gift from God'

Theverge.com, here.

Lisbon Council and Nesta Launch the Think Tank "European Digital Forum"

Lisboncouncil.net, Press Release here.

Circumventing a protection system of a games console may, in certain circumstances, be lawful

C-355/12, Nintendo and Others v PC Box Srl and Ot, Press Release here. Full text here.

Droit d'auteur : un recueil de tweets retiré de la vente

Livreshebdo.fr, ici.

Droit de citation à l'ère numérique: quels nouveaux enjeux ? De toute façon, en Europe, encore loin d'être harmonisé, voir le Rapport De Wolf/CRIDS, ici (p. 473).

Open Data in Natural Hazards Management

V. Vescoukis, and C. Bratsas, here.

Law and Economics of Antitrust Enforcement in Russia

S. Advasheva, P. Kryuchkova, here.

Standard-Essential Patents

J. Lerner, J. Tirole, here.

Assessing Innovation Effects in U.S. Merger Cases: An Empirical analysis

B. Kern, R. Dewenter, W. Kerber, here

New open-access mandates in the US

P. Suber, here.

Les processus de normalisation et de certification sont-ils pro-concurrentiels?

Autorité de la concurrence, ici (avis à rendre).

Open Data Can and Will Shift the Power Balance

Blogs.gartner.com, here.

The next episode: can Dr. Dre's Beats Music take on Spotify?

TheVerge.com, here.

UK IP Bill: Second Reading

Official Report, columns 38-84, here.

Norms and Values in Digital Media: Rethinking Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

World Economic Forum, here.

Una sentencia obliga a cortar Internet a un usuario por compartir música

ElPais.com, aquì. Ver también aquí.

EU Data Protection Reform Proposal and NHS Database

Telegraph.co.uk, here. See also here.

Antitrust in Chicago (Law School): Syllabus and Materials

R. Picker, Fall 2013, here.

Sharing Economy

World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, here.

The awkward copyright collision of Fair Use and Creative Commons

Blogs.scientificamerican.com, here

Les juges allemands réaffirment la licéité du marché des logiciels d'occasion

Cio-online.com, ici.

Shedding Some Light on the Dark Matter of Competition: Insights from the Strategic Management and Organizational Science Literature for the Consideratio n of Diversity Aspects in Merger Review

B. Kern, M. Ackermann, here.

Competition Commission of India launches second FRAND antitrust investigation against Ericsson

Fosspatents.com, here.

Ouverture des données et des contenus culturels, le défi à venir des établissements culturels

C. Domange, ici.

Wie die EU Kommission die Netzneutralität abschafft

Netzpolitik.org, hier.

NHS patient data to be made available for sale to drug and insurance firms

Theguardian.com, here.

Innovation and competition: a survey

M. Gomellini, here.

Google purchases Nest for $3.2 billion

TheVerge.com, here.

Against the "Making Available" Right

G. Lunne, Statement, Committee on the Judiciary,  Hearing:The Scope of Copyright, here.

Identifying a Maverick: When Antitrust Law Should Protect a Low Cost Competitor

T. Owings, here.

Incentive Scoring Methodology for Merger Analysis

S. Moresi, S. Salop, here (pdf download).

Uber car attacked as Paris taxi strike turns violent

Verge.com, here.

EU Commission investigates restrictions affecting cross border provision of pay TV services

Press Release, here. J. Almunia's Statement here.

Hohe Bußgelder wegen Preisabsprachen bei Bier

Faz.net, hier.
Pressemitteilung des Bundeskartellamtes, hier

Quel statut légal pour le data-mining ?

Scoms.hypotheses.org, ici.

UK consultation on draft regulations for orphan works

Consultation document here.

Barnier on the Unified Patent Court and the risk of patent trolls

Answer to a MEP's question to the Commission, here.

La protection juridique d’une application mobile

Journaldunet.com, ici.

We should be worrying about Google’s assimilation and consolidation, and here’s why

Gigaom.com, here.

Scribd Responds to Writer Beware on Pirated Content

Publishersweekly.com, Here.

5 Industries Facing Disruption In 2014

Project-disco.org, here.

Bitcoin explained

Qz.com, here.

Open Data Licensing (With Emphasis on the Italian Public Sector): Guidelines for Choosing and Applying the Most Suitable License

C. Piana, S. Aliprandi, Presentations's video and slides here.

The Thomson Reuter Commitment Decision

Kluwercompetitionlawblog.com, here.

The Comparative Law and Economics of Standard-Essential Patents and FRAND Royalties

T. Cotter, here.

How the Google Consent Order Alters the Process and Outcomes of Frand Bargaining

E. Dorsey, M. McGuire, here.

The ‘Anti-Amazon Law’ Is About To Become A Reality In France, But It’s Not A Bad Thing

Techcrunch.com, here.

Crowdfunding sans licences libres = piège à gogos ?

Scinfolex.com, ici.

Top Ten Internet Law Developments Of 2013

Forbes.com, here.

La CNIL condamne lourdement Google à 2 minutes d'amende

Numerama.com, ici.

Patent Litigation Reform: Who Are You Calling a Troll?

J. Brill, here.

Use of meta search engine for data scraping infringes database right

Taylorwessing.com, here.

The Proposed EU Data Protection Regulation Two Years Later

C. Kuner, C. Burton and A. Pateraki, here.

Previous update (September 2013) here

Allowing parodies within Hong Kong's copyright law: the benefits of an exception for user-generated content

P. Yu, here

Google’s Europe Foes Show No Sign of Letting Up in 2014

Blogs.wsj.com, here. ICOMP Report here (pdf download). 

Telematics data sharing, competition law and privacy rights

Out-law.com, here

The rise of the reputation economy

World Economic Forum (blog), here

Safe to be open: Study on the protection of research data and recommendations for access and usage

L. Guibault, A. Wiebe (Eds.), here

Hollywood studios sign up for W3C membership

Zdnet.com, here

Apple seeks removal of court-appointed antitrust monitor

Reuters.com, here

Bundesregierung: Das reine Betrachten eines Videostreams ist keine Urheberrechtsverletzung

Irights.info, hier.

Suivi des missions relatives au secteur culturel et au numérique après le rapport Lescure

Lasic.fr, ici.

When FRAND meets FOSS: Bottom Up or Top Down?

Consortiuminfo.org, here.

Standard-Essential Patents and the Problem of Hold-Up

J. Kattan, C. Wood, here.

Global Congress Declaration on Fundamental Public Interest Principles for International Intellectual Property Negotiations

Adopted at the Third Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest, University of Cape Town, December 13, 2013, here.

2014 copyright policy tactics: Hollywood's stronger engagement with academic institutions and professors

Hollywoodreporter.com, here.

Narrative Report: WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR), 26th session

Infoclio.ch, here.

Schlussbericht der schweizerischen Arbeitsgruppe zum Urheberrecht (AGUR12)

IPI.ch, hier.

Copyright Exhaustion Rationales and Used Software

A. Rubi Puig, here.

Google's Open Automotive Alliance: the battle for the dashboard is now

The Verge.com. here

Antitrust Marathon V: When in Rome Public and Private Enforcement of Competition Law

P. Marsden, S. Weber Waller, P. Fabbio, here

Patent trolls & damages

Webinar presentation slides, here

Infringement Risk in Copyright-Intensive Industries

J. Band, J. Gerafi, here

EU favours licensing over copyright reform for libraries in latest international negotiations

IFLA.org, here

The Google Book project: is it fair use?

B. Sookman, here

Australian privacy law reform

Oaic.gov.au, here

Fashion and Intellectual Property

EuropeanaFashion.eu, here

What technological developments (and related legal issues) will 2014 bring?

Taylorwessing.com, here.

Competition law, intellectual property rights and dynamic analysis: Towards a new institutional “equilibrium ?”

F. Jenny, I. Lianos, H. Hovenkamp. F. Marshall, S. Sivaramjani Thambisetty, here.

Chapters, in detail:

I. Lianos, Introduction

From Hydrogen Peroxide to Comcast: The New Rigor in Antitrust Class Actions

J. Keyte, P. Eckles, and K. Hoffman Lent, here

Monopsony 2013:Still Not Truly Symmetric

J. Jacobson, here

EU Competition Law Procedural Issues

I. Vanderborre, T. Goetz, here

JDownloader2: Neues Licht in der Frage wer, wann für Open Source Software haftet

Ifross.org, hier