Consumer opt-outs: a damp squib?, here

A Dutch Court Hands Down the First Substantive Damages Judgment in the Netherlands for an Infringement of Competition Law, here

Buying Keyword Ads on People's Names Doesn't Violate Their Publicity Rights--Habush v. Cannon, here

Statement of the Working Party on current discussions regarding the data protection reform package

Article 29 Data Protection Working Party, here

Penguin Faces June 3 Trial in e-Books Case, here

Freier Zugang zu öffentlich finanzierten Forschungsergebnissen

Antrag der SPD, Deutscher Bundestag, hier

Plenty of bits in the sea

The Economist, here

Conclusions of the Internet of Things public consultation


How Antitrust Lost Its Goal

B. Orbach, here

Unlocking the Value of Personal Data: From Collection to Usage, here

EuGH: Heftiger Streit um "Recht auf Vergessen" im Internet, hier

Vertical Restraints for On-Line Sales

P. Buccirossi, here (Note submitted to the OECD Competition Committee).


OECD, here

IFPI Digital Music Report 2013


Motorola/Google Proposed Consent Order

Comment, G. Manne, here

The Price of Reputation: Is the market for protected personal information about to take off?

The Economist, here

Open Data Is Not Just For Governments Anymore, here

Saisine d’office pour avis portant sur le secteur de la distribution pharmaceutique

Autorité de la concurrence, Décision n° 13-SOA-01 du 25 février 2013, ici

Copyright Disruption In The Cloud: U.S. Courts Divided Over Rights Required For Streaming Entertainment Content From The Cloud – Could A U.S. Supreme Court Showdown Be Looming?

Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, here

Evidence-Based Antitrust Enforcement in the Technology Sector

J. Wright, here

Foursquare checks in to more revenue with credit card specials, here

Preisparität bei Amazon, hier

Integrate or Separate - Institutional Design for the Enforcement of Competition Law and Consumer Law

K. Cseres, here

Amazon to open market in second-hand MP3s and e-books, here

Ein Referentenentwurf für das Zweitverwertungsrecht, hier

Indagine conoscitiva: risarcimento diretto e assetti concorrenziali del settore RC auto

AGCM, IC42, qui.

Thomas Hoeren: Leistungsschutzrecht würde Notifizierungspflicht verletzen, hier

Google News: “We made history in a very good way for the citizens of France.”, here

EU and US push WIPO negotiations against human rights, for restrictions on exceptions, here

Dutch Royal Library obtains license to provide access to cultural heritage, here

Google may reach antitrust settlement with E.U. in second half of the year, here

Amazon Squashing Affiliates Who Promote Free Kindle Books, here

Amazon, Big Six publishers face antitrust suit from indie bookstores over ebook DRM, here.

Criticizing the FTC’s Proposed Order in the Google Patent Antitrust Case

G. Manne, here

The Case for Online Obscurity

W. Hartzog & Frederic Stutzman, here

White House announces new US open access policy, here

Internet Competition and E-books: Challenging the Competition Policy Acquis?

S. Vezzoso (this blog's author), Presentation here (ppt file). 

Europäisches Parlament: Industrie-Ausschuss stimmt gegen Datenschutz, hier

Twitter releases API for advertisers, enabling integration with cross-platform tools, here

Fresh Thinking on Potential Antitrust Responses to Abusive Patent Troll Enforcement Practices

R. Skitol, here

Amazon’s ‘price parity’ clause attracts attention of German antitrust regulator, here.  See also the Bundeskartellamt Press Release, here, and the Washington Post's first take, here

AGCM c. Bayer Cropscience

Cons. Stato Sez. VI, Sent., 29-01-2013, n. 548, qui.

The Transcript of Oral Argument in Bowman v. Monsanto: Where's Patent Exhaustion for Self-Replicating Patented Seeds?, here

Draft proposals for amending EU competition rules on technology transfer agreements

Public consultation, here

Bruxelles attaque Paris sur les e-books, ici

How Parody Inspires Great Design, here

Why it's time to stop using open source licences

G. Moody, here

Google privacy debacle merits fine: case is "test" of draft privacy rules, here

Bund lässt Software gegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen entwickeln, hier

U.S. justices hostile to farmer's argument against Monsanto, here

Closed Discussions At WIPO On Treaty For Blind, As New Text Emerges, here

Federal Trade Commission v. Phoebe Putney Health System

No. 11–1160. Argued November 26, 2012—Decided February 19, 2013, here

WIPO Special Session negotiations on treaty for blind, Feb 18th version of text, here

Ebook Best-Seller Prices Plummet to Below $8.00 as Retailers Get Set to Start Discounting Macmillan Titles, here

EU Commission decides not to prolong maritime transport antitrust guidelines

Press Release, here

Economics of Vertical Restraints for Multi-Sided Platforms

D. Evans, here

China: first ever national standard on personal data privacy, here

As 3-D Printing Become More Accessible, Copyright Questions Arise, here

Como añadir peso a la cadena alimentaria, aquì

Competition Law and Personal Data : Preliminary Thoughts on a Complex Issue

D. Geradin & M. Kuschewsky, here

Elusive big data: The thing, and not the thing, here

Malleable malls: Shopping centres are proving well-suited to the digital age, here

Intellectual Property: Exclusive Rights for a Purpose – The Case of Technology Protection by Patents and Copyright

H. Ullrich, here

Why the DOJ (Antitrust Division) should intervene in the GSU case, here

European Economic and Social Committee on the Collective Management Draft Directive


Four companies that are changing digital reading in Africa, here

Japan Probe Pops Car-Part Keiretsu

WSJ, here

CHART OF THE DAY: How Much Money Amazon Is Making From The Kindle Ecosystem, here

Règles de confidentialité de Google : vers une action répressive et coordonnée des autorités européennes

CNIL, ici

European Copyright Society on Hyperlinking (Svensson CJEU Reference)

Here (pdf file).

Facebook May Already Be Taking Away Searches From Google, here

European publishers slam Google copyright deal in France, here

BnF: sacrifier le domaine public pour numériser les indisponibles, ici

Licensing Controversy — Balancing Author Rights with Societal Good, here

Reps. Zoe Lofgren, Mike Doyle and Kevin Yoder Introduce Bill Expanding Access to Federally Funded Research, here

Critical Cloud Computing

A Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) perspective on cloud computing, ENISA, here

Macmillan to Pay $20 Million to Settle State, Class Action Price-Fixing Claims, here

Attention Rivalry among Online Platforms and Its Implications for Antitrust Analysis

D. Evans, here

Drug development: Teaching old pills new tricks, here

Read Any Good Web Sites Lately? Book Lovers Talk Online, here

Which countries receive the most in royalty and license fees?

World Bank, here.

Pratiques anticoncurrentielles dans le secteur de l'abattage et de la commercialisation du porc charcutier sanctionnées

Autorité de la concurrence, ici

La farmacia en el supermercado

ElPais, aquì

Spanish Tribunal Supremo on "screen scraping"


Dutch government will end protection of non-original works to modernise copyright law, here

Oracle vs Google legal war begins a new chapter, here

Materials from the GCLC lunch talk on Google, here

FRAND, RAND, and SEP: Why These Acronyms Are Important, here

BGH legt EuGH Frage zum technischen Schutz von Schutzmaßnahmen für Videospiele vor

Institut für Urheber- und Medienrecht, hier

Mining the Digital Gold Rush: The Legal (L)ore around France’s Data-Mining Tax, here

Yelp Defeats Legal Challenge to Its User Review Filter

E. Goldman, here

Responses of Creative Commons to House of Lords comments concerning the CC BY license


U.S. appeals judges quiz lawyers on rules for patenting software, here

Access and the Public Domain

R. Picker, here.

Of particular interest to me is how broad access issues are likely to shape the "scale and scope of competition in the provision of the public domain". 

Efectos del carácter restrictivo de la normativa comercial sobre la competitividad de la economía catalana

Autoritat Catalana de la Competència, aquí.

IP, Antitrust and Looking Back on the Last Four Years

R. Hesse, here

EU antitrust control and patent abuses

M. Mariniello, here (Video, 6:58).

Counting couch potatoes

TheEconomist, here

L'Open Data fragilisé par le droit sur les bases de données, ici

LobbyPlag - Wie Konzerne Gesetze diktieren, hier

Antitrust Litigation: What’s Changed in Twenty-Five Years?

W. Kolasky, here

Innovation Nation at War (Posner and patents), here

Un passo indietro per il software libero

A. Meo, qui

“Students are heavily dependent on studying from photocopies”, here

EU Personal Data Protection "Reform Package":Tracking Lobbyists' Influence, here. See also the background article to this project here (German).

IFLA Principles for Library eLending


What Software Is Patentable? Federal Court To Consider In CLS Bank Rehearing, here

Macmillan settles with DOJ, and Apple is last man standing in ebook pricing case, here.

Interesting to academia and beyond:
"Electronic versions of academic textbooks” are removed from the settlement’s “requirements and prohibitions” because the DOJ antitrust case focused only on trade books.

The Digital Economy

OECD, Competition Committee, DAF/COMP(2012)22, here.

Coup de coeur: the French contribution to the October 2011 hearing, p. 75 ff.

Google, the ACCC and the High Court

Core Economics, here

La BnF accusée de privatiser des oeuvres du domaine public, ici

Charlottesville anti-drone resolution sparks similar action across US, here

Protection of personal data

ECHR, Factsheet, here

Court of Appeal takes a punt on database rights, here

Efforts to Update and Strengthen Privacy Law in Europe and the United States

Letter from prominent US consumer and civil liberties organizations to US government leaders, here

New Year, New Project: Turning the Focus to Competition Policy for 2013

E. Pérez Motta, here

The Patent Policy Debate in the High Tech World: A Literature Review

K. Gupta, here

Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverlage: Müsste Google wirklich zahlen? – eine kartellrechtliche Analyse

C. Kersting, S. Dworschak, hier

Market Dominance and Quality of Search Results in the Search Engine Market

I. Lianos, E. Motchenkova, here

Irish High Court Order following FitFlop investigation involving allegations of resale price maintenance

Competition Authority Press Release, here

The Nature of Competition in the Digital Age, ici

Numérisation à la BnF : comment la France se fait rouler

ActuaLitté.com, ici

Europe Moves Ahead on Privacy, here