Big Data for All: Privacy and User Control in the Age of Analytics

O. Tene , J. Polonetsky, here

The Abuse of Dominance Provisions: Enforcement Guidelines

Competition Bureau Canada, here

To share or not to share: insurers, banks and regulatory requests, here

Judicial Review in EU Competition Law

H. Schweitzer, here

Dutch Car Registry Goes Open Data (test), here

Competition: Commission signs EU cooperation agreement with China

Press Release, here

Yet Another Lobbying Alliance in the IT Sector: The Internet Association, here

Exceptional Industries

Lateral Economics, here

Copyright Board: Category 4 copies are fair dealing, here

GSU and university presses, here

The Italian regulation on interlocking directorates in the financial services. An antitrust dilemma

V. Falce, here

Internet Providers, Trademarks Owners Need Collaboration And Trust, WIPO Panel Says, here

Google Economics. A model of leadership in search advertising with exogenous and endogenous entry

F. Etro, here

EU Commission market tests commitments proposed by Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Hachette, Holtzbrinck and Apple for the sale of e-books

Press Release, here and Communication here.


OECD, here

Internet Competition Debate with Susan Athey and Hal Varian, here


N. Kroes, here

Australian public cloud market to grow, despite legal concerns: Gartner, here

AT&T On Notice: Carrier To Face Net Neutrality Complaint Over FaceTime, here

Piratenpolitikerin geht gegen illegalen Download ihres Buches vor, here

Moving Beyond Naïve Foreclosure Analysis

J. Wright, here

El Gobierno limitará el número de competidores en la red AVE, aquí

Enquête sectorielle sur le commerce électronique

Autorité de la concurrence, ici (jolie définition: "concurrence sur et par Internet", v. communiqué de presse, ici)

New judge at the General Court of the European Union: Guido Berardis

Press Release, here

Nestlé vence al cártel del azúcar, aquí

Graduated Response American Style: 'Six Strikes' Measured Against Five Norms

A. Bridy, here

The Microsoft Standards-Essential Patents Shell Game -- Motorola Tells Its Story to the 9th Circuit Ct. of Appeals

Groklaw, here

University Requires Students To Pay $180 For 'Art History' Text That Has No Photos Due To Copyright Problems, here

Book Prices Are Going Up (Down) (or Both)

R. Picker, here

Fair use history, here

What's the point of Open Data? Google und Deutsche Bahn kooperieren, hier.
S. auch hier

Aliyun App Store Confirmed To Be Distributing Pirated Android Apps, Many From Another Pirate Site, here

Update on Trademark-Related Aspects of the Expansion of the Domain Name System

WIPO, Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications, here

Recommandations pour l'ouverture des données et contenus culturels


Information Meeting on the Role and Responsibility of Internet Intermediaries in the Field of Trademarks

WIPO, September 17, 2012, Program here, Live Broadcast - floor - here (English here). What I will be following in particular: Sessions 2 and 3: The Use of Trademarks on the Internet:  Problems and Solutions.

Digital Content Contracts for Consumers

N. Helberger & M. Loos & L. Guibault & C. Mak & L. Pessers, here.

German court may defer to EU regulator on Samsung-Apple lawsuits over FRAND patents, here

German Rail: What's the Point of Open Data?, here

Competitive Harm from MFNs: Economic Theories

J. Baker, Presentation here

DOJ/FTC Ask if MFns Are Anti-Competitive, and get an earful, here

The German Proposal on a New Leistungsschutzrecht – Endangering Press Diversity and the Digital Economy

Computer & Communications Industry Association, here

Google and Personal Data Protection

B. Van der Sloot, F. Zuiderveen Borgesius, here

Antitrust for High-Tech and Low: Regulation, Innovation, and Risk

R. Cass, here

GSU electronic reserves case: A not-very-appealing appeal, here

e-Books and the boundaries of Antitrust

D. Bosco, J. Jacobson, K. Piro, G. Manne, W. Rinehart, F. Siiriainen, M. Powell, A. Oh, in Tendances: Concurrences, here

Can ‘Fair’ Prices Be Unfair? A Review of Price Relationship Agreements

Lear (for the OFT), here

Downward Docket: The Yoga Pants War, here

Wettbewerb der ökonomischen Theorien, hier

Gazprom vs. the Commission, here

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations and Issues for Congress

US Congressional Research Service, here

Intellectual Property and Innovation: A Framework for 21st Century Growth and Jobs

The Lisbon Council, here.

Lawyer files urgent request to stop ebook price changes, here
Motion to stay here

Open-access research ‘catastrophic’ for Reed Elsevier, here.

RE-USE OF PUBLIC SECTOR INFORMATION – Catalogue and highlights of studies, cases and key figures on economic effects of changing policies

M. de Vries, here


7TH ASCOLA CONFERENCE, Mackenzie Presbyterian University São Paulo, Video here.

What type of European protection for personal data?

I. Falque-Pierrotin, here

Indian patent rules infuriate Big Pharma

The Economist, here

Pfizer: TAR annulla il provvedimento dell'AGCM

Sentenza qui