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DRM in motion

A motion infographic project about Digital Rights Management (DRM), Vancouver Film School.

On the concept of ‘fair compensation’ in the InfoSoc directive

Advocate General’s Opinion in Case C-467/08 Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) v PADAWAN S.L., from the press release: "Where a Member State, such as Spain, opts for a system of compensation in the form of a levy on digital reproduction equipment, devices and media, such a charge can be regarded as a compensation scheme for private copying which is compatible with the directive only where it may be presumed that those equipment, devices and media are to be used for making private copies. Remuneration which is granted to rightholders as a result of the indiscriminate application of such a levy to undertakings and professional persons, who from experience purchase digital reproduction devices and media for purposes other than private use, is not ‘fair compensation’ within the meaning of the directive".

Some highlights from the WIPO Symposium on Intellectual Property and Competition Policy

TheprogramhasslightlychangedbecauseRicardoMachadoRuiz, Commissioner, Administrative CouncilforEconomicDefense (CADE), MinistryofJustice, Brasiliacouldnotattend (volcanicash).Some very subjective, sketchy notes (parts in blue aremy forthrightadds):

- tryingto bring togethertwocommunities (ipr experts/competition experts; national competitionauthorities/national ipoffices)
- ipr-competition notantagonistic
- well-balancedip also veryimportant - WIPO's mandatetoworkontheinterfaceip/competitionstemmingfromtheDevelopmentAgendain particular, Recommendations 7 23 and 32 (briefly: technical cooperation on the interface between iprs and competition policies; promote pro-competitive ip licensing practices; exchange of national and regional experiences and info, see also document CDIP4_CDIP/4/4 Rev. - Project on Intellectual Property and Competition Policy).
-- outcome envisaged: no formal conclusions or recommendations
-- new division on ip/competition established
-- technical assistance (alr…