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Google Book Settlement:Amendment Ahead

See MOTION for Hearing / Notice of Unopposed Motion of the Author Sub-Class and the Publisher Sub-Class to Adjourn October 7, 2009 Final Fairness Hearing and Schedule Status Conference (new deadline: November, 9).

Salame Felino and the European Court of Justice

Case C‑446/07Alberto Severi, in his own name and representing Cavazzuti e figli SpA, now known as Grandi Salumifici Italiani SpAv Regione Emilia-Romagna. From the decision: " Articles 3(1) and 13(3) ... must be interpreted as meaning that the designation of a foodstuff containing geographical references, which is not registered as a protected designation of origin or a protected geographical indication, may legitimately be used, on condition that the labelling of the product so named does not mislead the average reasonably well informed, observant and circumspect consumer. For the purpose of assessing whether that is the case, national courts may have regard to the length of time during which the name has been used. By contrast, any good faith on the part of the manufacturer or retailer is irrelevant in that regard"

Pressefusionskontrolle: Anwendung der Abwägungsklausel

Aus der Pressemeldungdes Bundeskartellamtes: "Nach Auffassung des Bundeskartellamtes überwiegen die durch den Zusammenschluss entstehenden Verbesserungen der Marktstruktur auf dem Lesermarkt im Verbreitungsgebiet der Elmshorner Nachrichten die mögliche Verschlechterung auf den Anzeigen- und Lesermärkten im Kreis Steinburg".