A Nobel Laureate, Darth Vader© and Access to Health: Balancing IP and Competition in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Giovanni Napolitano
World Intellectual Property Organization 

4th December, 2014, 2 p.m.

DEM - Conference Room
Trento University 

How the UN is using open data to tackle Ebola

Futuregov.asia, here

Virgin Media sets the cat among the pigeons – Ofcom examines Premier League football

Brian Cave, here.

Google settles Internet trolling court case

TheGuardian.com, here

Suède : Les éditeurs lèvent les restrictions sur le prêt numérique

ActuaLitte.com, ici.

Structural Remedies in the Google Case?

I-Comp, here.

Why Textbooks Count: A Policy Paper

T. Oates, here

Brief of Amici Curiae Antitrust Law Professors in O'Bannon v. NCAA

Google launches 'Contributor' payment service

Independent.co.uk, here

Update on Trademark-Related Aspects of the Domain Name System

WIPO Secretariat, here

Europeans Have Authority To Seek Google Break Up Though Unlikely To Do So

SearchEngineLand, here

RBS apologises for 'incorrect' evidence to MPs' committee

BBC.com, here

Where Creativity Thrives: BitTorrent 2014 User Study

Blog.bittorrent.com, here.

Court: Google Can Arrange Search Results Any Way It Damn Pleases

Gizmodo.com, here

The Uncertain Scope of the Public Performance Right After American Broadcasting Companies v. Aereo, Inc.

M. Sag, here


UK House of Commons Library Research Paper, here

The Competitive Effects of Across-Platform Parity Agreements

Paolo Buccirossi
LEAR, Rome

Friday, 28th November, 2014 – 1.45 p.m.

Room 2B
Department of Economics and Management
Trento University, Italy

Airbnb and Hotels: What to Do About the Sharing Economy?

Wired.com, here.

Autorité de la concurrence saisie sur les relations contractuelles entre les hôteliers et les centrales de réservation sur internet

Reuters, ici.

Silicon Valley Antitrust: Syllabus

H. Kaiser, here.

Confessions of a price fixer

AutoNews.com, here.

The Ladies Vanish

Thenewinquiry.com, here

High-Cost Generic Drugs — Implications for Patients and Policymakers

J. Alpern, W. Stauffer, and A. Kesselheim, here

Au ministère de la Culture, inquiétudes autour du marché de l’occasion numérique

NextImpact, ici.

Est-ce que les juges européens seront moins frileux et plus imaginatifs que la plupart des politiciens nationaux? De toute façon, bon sujet à débattre dans le cadre de la Concertation nationale sur le numérique.

Internet of Things – Top 10 privacy and data protection concerns

JDSupra, here.

Federal Circuit: Novelty in Implementation of an Abstract Idea Insufficient to Overcome Alice

Patentlyo, here.