Debunking the Myth of a Data Barrier to Entry for Online Services

G. Manne, B. Sperry, here

Assicurazioni: due multe per 29 milioni di euro a Unipolsai e Generali per intesa anti-concorrenziale

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Competition policy for the Digital Single Market: Focus on e-commerce

M. Vestager, here

Supreme Court Asked to Clarify the Reach of U.S. Antitrust Laws to Foreign Conduct, here

Commissioner Vestager announces proposal for e-commerce sector inquiry

Press Release, here.
Only around 15% of European citizens "bought online from a seller based in another EU Member State. This indicates that significant cross-border barriers to e-commerce still exist within the EU. For example, technical barriers, such as geo-blocking, may prevent consumers from accessing certain websites on the basis of their residence or credit-card details".

Why Everyone Was Wrong About Net Neutrality

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FCC Passes Strict Net Neutrality Regulations On 3-2 Vote

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"Modern regulatory approach" "Legally sustainable rules".

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ACCC v Pfizer Australia

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Intellectual Property and Competition

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