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FAZ, hier.

The British couple that cost Google £2.1 billion

Wired UK Podcast, here. And Jeff Jarvis discussing “The Case Against Google” here (from 1:02:18)

Good Times, Bad Times, Trust Will Take Us Far: Competition Enforcement and the Relationship Between Washington and Brussels

M. Delrahim, here.

The Antitrust Logic of Biologics

S. Ghosh, here.

A Solution in Search of a Problem at the Biologics Frontier

E. Lietzan, here.

Progressive Antitrust

H. Hovenkamp, here.

Brief comment : “channeling” innovation is not an antitrust goal, but “protecting” innovation is. 

Les monopoles : un danger pour les États-Unis ?

Banque de France, ici.

Dead Reckoning: Navigating Content Moderation After “Fake News”

Data Society, here.

UK’s FCA Inks FinTech Collaboration With CFTC

Pymnts, here

How consumers Value Digital Privacy: New Survey Evidence

C. Fuller, here

Datenschutz als Dienstleistung

Adzine, hier

"Diese Marken sind für Edeka zu wichtig", hier

Should we treat data as labor? Let’s open up the discussion

Brookings, here

Free flow of non-personal data in the European Union

EPRS, here

Supreme Court declines to review pay-for-delay ruling

Reuters, here.

Disney Misused 'Star Wars,' 'Frozen' Copyrights, Says Judge

Hollywood Reporter, here

Driverless cars: mapping the trouble ahead

FT, here.

Data, Innovation, and Potential Competition in Digital Markets – Looking Beyond Short-Term Price Effects in Merger Analysis

T. McSWEENY; B. O’DEA, here.

Unusually strong words and some concrete proposals. 

Opinion by Former Senior Government Officials and Leading Antitrust Experts on the Significant Antitrust Risks Posed by Broadcom’s proposed takeover of Qualcomm

Nobody Wants to Let Google Win the War for Maps All Over Again

Bloomberg, here

Alibaba’s social credit rating is a risky game

 FT, here.

Is MyData a Force or Counter Force?

A. Jogi Poikola, here.

The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation


The Case Against Google

The NYTimes, here

Das Microsoft-Dilemma

Das Erste, Video hier

The Rise of Amazon, Facebook May Be Bad News for the Economy

Bloomberg, here.

Big data and innovation: key themes for competition policy in Canada

Competition Bureau, here.

Tech investor Roger McNamee: 'I would like Google to be broken up into 8 or 10 different monopolies'

CNBC, video here.

Mes data sont à moi. Pour une patrimonialité des données personnelles.

Génération libre, ici.

A qui confier notre portefeuille de données personnelles ?

Du grain à moudre (France culture), Podcast ici

Is consumer 3D printing over before it begins?

ITNews, here.

Whatsapp Beta allows users to download the information it has collected and stored about them, here.

Dateneigentum – Eine gute Idee für die Datenökonomie?

Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, hier.

Hunting the Big Five: Twenty-first Century Antitrust in Historical Perspective

R. Langlois, here.

Innovation Policy Pluralism

D. Hemel, L. Larrimore Ouellette, here

Energy bills, switching, and a coconut roulade

The Chopping Board Economist, here

Google Shopping: beware of ‘selffavouring’ in a world of algorithmic nudging

N. Zingales, here

Canadian Regulator On Innovation’s Slow Roll

Pymnts, here.


Stiftung Datenschutz, hier

Antitrust Analysis Involving Intellectual Property and Standards: Implications from Economics

J. Padilla, D. Ginsburg, K. Wong-Ervin, here

Biologics: The New Antitrust Frontier

M. Carrier, C. Minniti, here

ACCC on dealing with algorithms

InnovationAus, here

EU to probe Apple’s $400m deal for Shazam

FT, here

Retail Banking Remedies

CMA Blog, here

To protect or collect? Germany’s big data divide, here

The House That Spied on Me

Gizmodo, here

Competition Commission of India fines Google for abusing dominant position

Reuters, here.
Decision here.

Bank of Canada warns of threat from Big Data

The Globe and Mail, here. Remarks here.

Review into Open Banking – giving consumers choice

AUS Treasury, here

Angus Deaton on the Under-Discussed Driver of Inequality in America: “It’s Easier for Rent-Seekers to Affect Policy Here Than In Much of Europe”

ProMarket, here

The Copyright Permissions Culture in Software Preservation and Its Implications for the Cultural Record

Association of Research Libraries, here

Google-Nest merger raises privacy issues

BBC, here

Who blinked first in Waymo v. Uber?

The Verge, here

Feedback to the Commission's Proposal on a Framework for the Free Flow of Non-Personal Data

I. Graef, R. Gellert, N. Purtova, M. Husovec, here

Démanteler les GAFA ?

Le Monde, ici

Data Portability Under GDPR: Technical Challenges

Philips, here

Facebook’s German antitrust probe hinges on market power of network effects

mLex, here

Internal Compliance Mechanisms for Firms in the EU General Data Protection Regulation

G. Voss, here

Das erste Urteil zum Lkw-Kartell – Auftakt nach Maß?

R. Velte, hier

Algorithmic Trading Compliance in Wholesale Markets

FCA, here

Koalitionsvertrag und Kartellverfolgung

K. Ost, hier

Kartellrecht, Marktmacht und Facebook

S. Louven, hier.

France: Wikimedia loses constitutional challenge to law protecting images of national buildings

IrishLegal, here.

Vestager kicks off new chapter in Google Shopping probe

Politico, here

Es braucht kein Dateneigentum

iRights, hier

Devices, the weak link in achieving an open internet

Arcep, here

Victoire de la Commission vie privée dans la procédure Facebook

CPVP, ici et here.


VZBV, hier. Ruling hier.

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...