Brazil agency to offer pro-competition view on any Uber lawsuits

WKZO, here

CJEU: Huawei v. ZTE

Press release, here. Judgment here.

"Moreover, in February 2013 a German Regional Tribunal posed to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) five questions whose answers could be influential in shaping the interpretation of Article 102 TFEU with regard to intellectual property rights’ enforcement in the context of standardization" from some notes I took back in April 2013, here (it feels like AGES ago).

Bundeskartellamt verhängt Bußgelder gegen Rüstungslieferanten wegen Kartellabsprachen

Bundeskartellamt, hier

European Commission opens antitrust investigations against Qualcomm—again

ArsTechnica, here.

Google, Yelp, and the Future of Search

J. Gans, here.

A few remarks on the role of intermediaries in the Digital Economy

J. Tirole, Presentation here

Productivity and competition: a summary of the evidence

CMA, here

Google quietly adds instant booking for hotels, copying TripAdvisor

Tnooz, here

The government says airlines prey on consumers. That’s the government’s fault., here

Enabling versus controlling

A. Hagiu, J. Wright, here

The Ecosystem of Software Platform: A Study of Asymmetric Cross-side Network Effects and Platform Governance

P. Song, L. Xue, A. Rai, C. Zhang, here

Dependency Challenges, Response Strategies, and Complementor Maturity: Joining a Multi-Sided Platform Ecosystem

E.Altman, here

France forbids rate parity clauses by law

HotRec, here.

Passionate video explaining the "Loi dite Macron's" OTAs provisions and much more here (French).