Verlage knicken beim Leistungsschutzrecht ein, hier.

From the antitrust mailbag: manufacturer-imposed requirements

FTC, here.

Q1: Are the wondering retailers generally satisfied with this type of explanation?
Q2: Does it apply to platforms as well?

The Fondue Conspiracy

Sepp Barmettler, the Cheese Rebel
NPR: Planet Money, Podcast here.

More about the Cheese Union (Käseunion) in A. Thier, Schweizerische Kartellrechtstradition und „more economic approach,“  621, at 640 ff., here.

Update: I tasted the Sbrinz cheese for the first time after listening to the NPR Podcast. Delicious indeed, and already a competition policy scholar's favourite.

BGH decision "Yellow dictionary" colour trade mark dispute

IPKat, here.

Big Data and the Future for Privacy

N. Richards, J. King, here

Oeuvres transformatives : faut-il faire de YouTube le « Seigneur des Mashups » ?, ici

The Technology Transfer Block Exemption, here

Case C-470/14, EGEDA – will a state-financed ‘private copy’ scheme deliver fair compensation?

Eulawradar, here

Inter Partes Review: An Early Look at the Numbers

B. Love, S. Ambwani, here

Agency 2.0: Competition Authorities Will Need to Think - Again

Agreements between Amazon and publishers are starting rolling out, see here and here. It is not very hard to predict that these agreements will come to be scrutinized quite closely by competition authorities on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. While, it seems, conspiracy theories this time round could be safely ruled out, it would be high time to develop comprehensive assessment criteria with regard to vertical restraints triggered by, or in the context of, electronic platforms.  

Google Penguin 3.0: Worldwide Rollout Still In Process, Impacting 1% Of English Queries

SearchEngineLand, here.

Honeywell Gets EU Complaint With DuPont Over Car Coolant, here.

E-Book-Preise: Amazon einigt sich mit Bonnier, hier

Big, bad Amazon

TheEconomist, here

"Why are you searching here for your lost keys? Because there is light here": Reflections on Competition Policy in Europe

J. Fingleton, Video here. Speech notes here

European Commission settles cartel on bid-ask spreads charged on Swiss Franc interest rate derivatives; fines four major banks € 32.3 million

Press Release, here

Competition Enforcement: A Practical Perspective

A. Mundt, Video here.

"The ECN is a unique success, and a model for other areas of law."

The role of competition authorities in fostering growth and consumer welfare

P. Roth, Presentation here; Video here

Banks: Too Big to Manage Ethically?, here.

Amazon: it’s not the power, it’s the lost focus

J. Gans, here

European Commission proposes ratification of Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate access to books for visually impaired persons

Press Release, here

Uber Economics: There is no such thing as bad publicity, here

82 Things Publishers Do (2014 Edition)

The scholarly kitchen, here

Brussels Antitrust Seminar Demonstrates Shifting European Landscape For Competition Enforcement In Wake Of ECJ MasterCard Judgment, here

Public libraries: the right to digitise and the right of reproduction

S. Yakovleva, here.

Amazon closes a contract with one major book publisher (not that one, though), here.  For more speculations see here and here.

More on Android, here

European Pharmaceutical Antitrust after Groupment des Cartes Bancaires – Time to Rethink the Approach to Pay For Delay Settlements?

S. Gallasch, here

Antitrust Analysis of Reverse Payment Settlements After Actavis: Three Questions and Proposed Answers

J. Wright, here

In Georgia State University E-Reserves Case, Eleventh Circuit Endorses Flexible Approach to Fair Use

ARL Policy Notes, here.

Why The Justice Department Won't Go After Amazon Even Though Paul Krugman Thinks It's Hurting America

BusinessInsider, here.

Simon & Schuster Strikes Amazon Deal Reviving Agency Ebook Pricing

DigitalBookWorld, here.

Uber wrangling regulations (and setting some hope on the FTC)

Interview with Brian Worth,  Uber Public Policy Lead, Harvard Kennedy School Policycast, here.

Report says illegal Airbnb apartments made up over a third of the company's NYC revenue

TheVerge, here.

Report from the NY State Attorney General's office here.

New WikiLeaks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Intellectual Property Chapter — Analysis of Copyright Provision, here

Google defends flight search – it’s hard to do it well and industry doesn’t appreciate us, here

Resolution on enforcement cooperation among data protection authorities

Jean Tirole's (provisional) legacy, here

Are Google’s search results deceptive, or can consumers identify ads on their own?

Gigaom, here.

Business Benefit from Public Data, here

Cartel members may argue that damage caused by cartel was passed on to customers

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, here

YouTube has paid $1 billion to rights holders via Content ID since 2007

ArsTechnica, here.

Q. and A. With Jean Tirole, Economics Nobel Winner

NYTimes, here

Whois-Daten werden schleichend zentralisiert, hier.