Off-topic: la légèreté c'est très dur à faire

Cabu interviewé par Charles Sigel,  Podcast ici.

Digital vs. Print: Reading Comprehension and the Future of the Book

J. Tanner, here.

(missing from the analysis, though: tablets powered by great apps like GoodReader, used indoor and positioned at a convenient angle - moreover, not clearly stated that reading and taking notes with whatever medium are two distinct processes)

Study on the making available right and its relationship with the reproduction right in cross-border digital transmissions

Prepared by De Wolf & Partners for the European Commission, here

U.S. judge concerned Android antitrust lawsuit too vague

Reuters, here

The Future of Privacy: Digital Life in 2025

Pew Research Center, here

Prêt numérique en bibliothèque: à peine acté, déjà critiqué, ici

After Intel: Effects-Based Approach, Price-Cost Test, and Administrability

M. Motta, Presentation, here

How much traffic did Facebook deliver to Bing? Very little

Insidefacebook, here

Apple 'failing to protect Chinese factory workers', here.

Apple's reaction here (from The Verge)

IP and Standard Setting

OECD Competition Committee, Note by Germany, here

Opinion 2/13 on EU Accession to the ECHR: The CJEU as Humpty Dumpty, here

Google aiming to go straight into car with next Android

Reuters, here.

Monopolkommission: Die Zähmung der Internet-Giganten, hier.