Which Patent Systems are Better for Inventors?

J. Bessen, G. Thoma, here.

Analysis of consequences of different VAT scenarios for books

Oslo Economics, Study here. Summary and Conclusions in English here.

Alice is killing the trolls -- but expect patent lawyers to strike back

S. Phipps, here.

El Tribunal Supremo deja en el aire la tramitación de la Ley de Propriedad Intelectual

ABC. es, aquì.

Que faut-il retenir du 80ème congrès de l’IFLA à Lyon ?

Gazette.fr, ici

Bei Axel Springer liest man jetzt Karl Marx

Tagesspiegel.de, hier.

NewsCorp: Google is a 'platform for piracy'

BBC, here. Letter here.

"Google is commodifying the audience of specialist publishers and limiting their ability to generate advertising revenue. Data aggregators attempt to sell audiences at a steep discount to the original source, for example, access to 75 per cent of The Wall Street Journal demographic at 25 per cent of the price, thus undermining the business model of the content creator. This process is at a relatively early stage and needs constant monitoring to ensure that abuses are halted and that there is a fair return for newspapers, publishers and other investors in original content."

Judge overturns Uber ride-sharing ban in Germany

BBC, here.

"By Object” Restrictions of Competition Revisited: European Court of Justice Endorses Narrow Interpretation

LW.com, here.

The Commission Investigation into Pay TV Services: Open Questions

P. Ibáñez Colomo, here.

Groupement des Cartes Bancaires and the resilience of the case law on restrictions by object

Chillingcompetition.com, here.

IP Markets and Enabling Information Ecosystems

UK IPO, here.

'Mr. Confession' and his boss drive China's antitrust crusade

Reuters.com, here.

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating: Net Neutrality in Practice, the Dutch Example

N. Van Eijk, here.

Meet Datacoup - the company that wants to help you sell your data

TheGuardian.com, here.

Taking TV and film into the digital age

N. Kroes, here.

Dutch court refers questions to CJEU on e-lending and digital exhaustion, and another Dutch reference on digital resale may be just about to follow

The IPKat, here.

Defining Section 5 of the Ftc Act: The Failure of the Common Law Method and the Need for Formal Agency Guidelines

J. Rybnicek, J. Wright, here.

Apple Watch under scrutiny for privacy by Connecticut attorney general

Pcworld.com, here.

Fünf Theorien, warum Minecraft 2,5 Milliarden wert sein könnte

Blogs.wsj.de, hier.

What Is Big Data? 42 Attempts at a Definition

Datascience.berkeley.edu/what-is-big-data, here.

US Chamber of Commerce Says China Could Be Violating WTO Accords

NYtimes, here.

US Chamber of Commerce,
Competing Interests in China’s Competition Law Enforcement: China’s Anti-Monopoly Law Application and the Role of Industrial Policy, here.

The Ramifications of Alice: A Conversation with Mark Lemley

IPWatchDog, Part I and Part II

Does Sharing Mean Caring? Regulating Innovation in the Sharing Economy

S. Ranchordas, here.

The Marrakesh Spirit: A Ghost in Three Steps?

S. Vezzoso, Preview, here.

The WIPO Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons who are Blind, Visually Impaired, or otherwise Print Disabled is the first multilateral, legally binding instrument primarily devoted to copyright limitations and exceptions. The three-step test informed the complex framework within which the Marrakesh Treaty was negotiated, since this test is generally seen as the international legal standard for limitations and exceptions. Notably, there were concerns and suspicions from the opposite ends of the negotiating table that an international legally binding instrument for the benefit of the print disabled could be used either to expand or to reduce the reach of the still largely controversial test, with ripple effects percolating through the entire intellectual property system. The article makes the point that the three-step test practically haunted the treaty negotiations, and put considerable strain on the arduous work to be accomplished on the way to Marrakesh. Following an analysis of the stance and the importance of the test within the new international instrument, the core insight is that, despite legitimate concerns to the contrary, the three-step test was capable of enough flexibility for the “Marrakesh miracle” to take place.

Keywords: copyright, limitations and exceptions, three-step test, Marrakesh Treaty, WIPO, visually impaired. 

L’Autorité de la concurrence s’inquiète de l’intégration verticale des géants du Web

Larevuedudigital.com, ici.

«...dans le cas de l’enquête sur Booking.com et Expedia qui imposent aux hôteliers de ne pas vendre moins cher que sur leurs plateformes, nous nous associons aux autres autorités, car c’est un frein à la concurrence»

Microsoft wades into the Google antitrust fray

Zdnet.com, here

Wettbewerb: Amazon ist kein Monopolist

J. Haucap, hier.

Wettbewerb im Internet: "Rechtlich muss etwas geschehen"

Interview mit D. Zimmer, hier.

Alice v. CLS Bank: United States Supreme Court Establishes General Patentability Test

J. Powles, here


TheEconomist, here

Is There a George Mason School of Law and Economics?

T. Zywicki, here